Is White Tone Face Powder Good? Reader Query

white tone face powder review

White Tone Face Powder Review

Pooja asks “I’ve seen the ad of White Tone powder where the model gets fair and glowing skin instantly. Is it possible? I know its cheap and try it to see for myself but I don’t want to harm my skin as it looks like a talcum powder. Do you have a review on it?”

I just can’t understand the hype around this face powder and that stupid Glam Up Powder Cream! I’ve not used it and keep myself away from all the products by Vini cosmetics. But I’ve to give it to them for coming up with such convincing advertisements that people fall for these marketing gimmicks. The model in the ad gets fairer and brighter skin within minutes just like those “sirf 5 minute mei” Fair and Lovely ads!

But I have a cousin who tried it when it just got launched. I called her up to ask for her review and this is what she feels: Too much of White Tone makes her look all ashy and scary because the powder is white. So it suits only fair skin and not darker Indian skin tones. The brightness is quite artificial and does not look natural. It does give a matte effect to the T-zone and controls oil for about an hour. So it won’t work for oily skin in hot summers. And neither does it work on dry skin because it clings to dry patches and makes skin flaky. She is now using it as a body talc because of the floral fragrance!

Price: Rs.55

Girls start reading beauty blogs..there are plenty of products in India which can actually make you look beautiful and stop falling for such marketing gimmicks!

Have you used White Tone Face Powder? Share your views with us.

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  1. Really, girls should be aware of such stupid marketing gimmicks and start reading more beauty blogs, I hate such stupid ads that promise to instantly make you fair and white :/
    Arzoo recently posted…Superdrug BB Cream 5-in-1 Skin Perfecting Day Cream ReviewMy Profile

  2. Just marketing tricks!! Please don’t!
    Gowthami recently posted…Tutorial: How to Make Eyeliner Last on WaterlineMy Profile

  3. I can’t believe that fairness products are still allowed to be advertised on tv! They should definitely be banned as they promote being fair as the only skin colour that is beautiful. Skin colour has nothing to do with beauty. Don’t let anyone make you feel ugly for the colour of your skin girls! You are gorgeous just the way you are :)
    Kayennat recently posted…DIY | Bottle LightMy Profile

  4. Stay away from this girls!! I was never a face powder fan :D
    Laks recently posted…Deshadan – The Perfect Backwater ResortMy Profile

  5. Actually I was thinking last day only that, there are even reiews of Fair & Lovely on blogosphere. How come none has reviewed this White tone powder :P Of course somewhere some girl might have tried it , but why nothing in here :P

  6. This is so informative. Thanks.Great Post! :D
    Faiqa recently posted…Sunburn Campus at Cultzephyr 2K14.My Profile

  7. The day I saw this ad I kept wondering how the hell is a powder supposed to give fairness.. I guess every company knows that once they give a “fairness” label to any product in India, there will be a big group of women who will blindly run after it.. :/
    Swati recently posted…Scholl Foot and Nail Cream : ReviewMy Profile

  8. i dont understand why women want to become Fair…they still need to love and appreciate and stand up for who and what they are….People need to really grow up and embrace themselves

    • Totally share your sentiments! I don’t understand the logic that fairness means beautiful and no other skin colour can be beautiful.
      Kayennat recently posted…DIY | Bottle LightMy Profile

  9. dis true watch out 4 the next fairness if there is a label all of them run behind even grandmaaaaa i agree with swati

  10. Always use very little amount of this powder the first time you use it. Increase the amount according to your requirement from the second usage.

    Pros of WhiteTone face powder:

    Flawless finish for fair skin.
    Helps in setting make-up.
    Cheap and easily available.
    Didn’t break me out.
    Long lasting.
    Awesome fragrance.
    Cons of WhiteTone face powder:

    Doesn’t suit every skin tone.
    Leaves white cast on dusky skin