Tutorial: Mila Kunis Inspired Makeup Look (Steps + Products Used)

how to look like mila kunis tutorial step by step

Celebrity Wednesday: How To Do Your Makeup Like Mila Kunis

By Contributor: Mahima

MILA KUNIS! I fell in love with her ever since I saw Friends with Benefits, I know I wasn’t supposed to watch it but yeah! I’ve seen almost all her movies till now and I’d have to say my favorite one is Black Swan. I began to like her when I came to know she was dating Ashton Kutcher (he is MYYY FAVORIIITTEEE). Enough of the blabbering, now on to the makeup tutorial. I’ve seen Mila wear either a very neutral eye look or just her signature bronze smokey eye makeup. The perfectly contoured skin, neutral lips and smokey brown eye makeup is what her signature makeup is. So obviously I had to re-create this look after getting inspired. Her makeup artist does a fab job. So lets get started and drip in everything and learn how to look like Mila and what

     makeup products are required. I’ve listed all the products I’ve used for the tutorial.
mila kunis eye makeup tutorial step by step
mila kunis eye makeup tutorial

Mila Kunis Eye Makeup Tutorial:

STEP1: Start off by lining you waterline quite heavily using a kohl liner, also tight line your eyes. Product used- Maybelline colossal.

STEP2: Now take a bronze gold eyeshadow and apply it over your lid, leaving space at the outer and inner corner. Product used- 3rd shade from the Maybelline Copper Brown quad.

STEP3: Further take a champagne color with shimmer and apply it at the tear duct and on your brown bone(lightly). Product used- 1st shade from the same quad.

STEP4: Now take a matte brown eyeshadow and apply it in your crease blending it upwards towards the brow bone. Product used: nyx e/s in matte brown.

Optional- take the 4th shade from the same quad and run over the dark brown lightly to give it a bit of shimmer.

STEP5: Now use a black eye shadow and start tracing your crease, also use the same eye shadow to smoke out the kohl on the lower lash line. Product used- nyx e/s in matte black

STEP6: Use a matte highlight shade or just your regular compact and apply it to your brown bone, blending the black completely. Plus using a matte shade over the previously applied shimmery shade will give it a really pretty look. Product used- chambor silver shadow compact.

mila kunis eye makeup tutorial step by step
mila kunis eye makeup

STEP7: Using a gel liner, line your upper lash line (no need to be neat) Product used- l’oreal gel liner.

STEP8: Use the same black eye shadow and smoothen and soften the liner.

STEP9: Apply tons and tons of mascara, you can also apply falsies. Product used- Revlon gown luscious mascara and topped it off with l’oreal million lashes.

STEP10: Done!

mila kunis eye makeup tutorial
mila kunis eye makeup tutorial

Recaping the whole eye makeup. You can pair it with any bright lipstick since its not too harsh like black smokey eyes

mila kunis signature smokey eye makeup look

Now for the rest of the face. I bronzed the face really well as Mila always has that sexy bronzed look, for that I used MAC blush in Harmony and for the blush I used Maybelline blush in creamy cinnamon. Moving onto the lips, I kept it neutral and used L’oreal 6h glam shine lip gloss in the shade 105.

mila kunis inspired makeup tutorial
mila kunis inspired makeup

And wohallaaa we are done. This look is really appropriate for clubbing and other special events so if you do this, don’t forget to share your pictures with us. Are you a Mila Kunis fan too? Does she inspire you to run to your vanity box and experiment with her makeup looks? We love this neat bronze look which is totally summer appropriate.

Do you like Mila Kunis? Share your views with us.


  1. She always looks great in that smokey eye.
    Nice tutorial, gorgeous! ^_^
    Xuvious recently posted…Korres Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturizing Brightening CreamMy Profile

  2. even i love Mila Kunis..have you seen her recent pics with ashton?? she looks adorable with baby bump….and now that you have done this tutorial exactly like her…..i am so happpy :D
    mily recently posted…L’Oreal Paris Superliner Gelmatic liners and Moist matte lipsticks swatchesMy Profile

  3. This tutorial is just so awesome and i like mila a lot..she has lovely beautiful eyes and so have u..great job done..
    pinkvanitybox recently posted…SKIN CARE ROUTINE FOR BRIDES TO BEMy Profile

  4. Thank God this one tutorial by you is not edited. The other ones are so highly edited, I can’t tell the difference between them.

    • None of the tutorials are edited or “highly edited”, the pictures have been taken from a higher resolution camera the other tutorials are light and natural that is why the colors dont show up that well when full face pictures are clicked but the eotd’s and the pictures with each steps are clear and accurate. Thankyou:)

      • They do look airbrushed and we see a lot of tutorials all over the web. High resolution cameras capture even the minute details, so its not because of high resolution. I’m appalled at how I can never see the texture of your skin in any tutorial. High Resolution camera’s fault? I don’t think so.

        • We make there tutorials for people who wishes to learn something from them. I’m just 16 years old and it takes courage to make these tutorials on web. Everyone cant please everyone and it is actually not fair to compare people as everyone is different in whatever they do. I would suggest you to appreciate what is positive in someone rather than letting them down everyone is free to do whatever pleases them so we’re sorry if you dont like the tutorial. We’ll try better next time, thankyou :)

        • Nim healthy criticism is always appreciated, being nasty is not. If you don’t have any valuable contribution to make then better don’t comment at all. This girl is really young and if you try to trouble her in any way or any of the VNA team members for that matter then I will have to block you.

  5. Mahima… !!! You look very pretty, love the eye make up!
    Mila Kunis is one of my favorite actresses !!! ^_^
    manpreet recently posted…Review – Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Extreme – Sheer CherryMy Profile

  6. Mahima! You are so young and so talented!! In fact, last time I asked Anshita why don’t you start youtube? I am just speechless this time!
    Nivedita recently posted…Reds make me happier and Avon Lipliner in True Red, made me truly happyMy Profile

    • Thankyouu nivedittaaa♡
      Youtube? I will start it once I’ll do done with my 12th grade as youtube requires a lot of time and it is really hard for me to take time out for videos :( I’ve got school, then tutions and ‘bholu bache’ like me, still does their homework :p

  7. Omgsh loved the tutorial dear. You look so beautiful ^.~
    Shreya recently posted…Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow Matte 366 Review, Swatches and EOTDMy Profile

  8. I love Mila Kunis too! She’s my girl crush. Those beautiful eyes, that husky voice.. *_* BTW HAve you watched That 70’s Show? If you haven’t then dooo!!. 15 year old Mila Kunis stars in it along with Ashton Kutcher, I loved them as a couple in that show and now that they are finally together in real life I’m so excited for them and for baby Kunis-Kutcher! :D

    • Ohhh yessss :D I love that show, no, I JUSTTTT LOOOOVVEE ITTTT♡ yes mila looks so so so cute with that baby bump :D everyone is excited about the baby. And ashtonn♡ he stole my heart ever since I watched ‘what happens in vegas’ ohh my my ♡

  9. Wow Mahima u are so talented. I am so proud of you. My daughters name is Mahima and she is 16!! :). Can u please do a post on your skincare routine. I think it will help my daughter. She is fair like you but gets red in the sun or after sports.

  10. OMG.. I cant believe you are just sixteen.. You’re super talented and absolutely gorgeous.. You’ve nailed this look :)

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  12. I love mila and ashton both…apart from this…you have done the eye makeup so perfect. ..and m glad u have shared it! :D

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  15. really u r just awewsome with ur art of makeup and u r very pretty
    can u plz help grls with acne scars to hide them wiith make up,,if u ever found some tips over that kindly post it.it will be appreciated by many.
    once again keep it up gal u have long way to go

  16. Wow, this is just what I needed! I LOVE MILA KUNIS <3 Will try this out and definitely credit you for providing help and inspiration!

  17. Amazing eye make up and you did it so well
    Bhawna Varshney recently posted…Clicks gives you moneyMy Profile