10 Bollywood Actresses: Then and Now


 10 Bollywood Celebrities with Epic Makeovers: Then and Now

By Contributor: Uzma

To be very honest hideous appearance of these heroins is mostly due to the fashion trend of that time. Blingy and atrocious cut was very high on fashion chart at that time. If you talk about makeup then horrible highlights and shimmery brown shades were on trend at that time. Of course, now when it’s out of fashion, it looks whacky! But along with that these actresses were also victim of poor selection of dresses and cosmetics, even though most of them were top models of their time. Let’s have a look on the most wondrous transformation of today’s Hotties. I’m listing down the top 10 makeovers and transformations of these bollywood actresses with then and now pictures.

Deepika Padukone Then and Now:


At OSO’s Premier, London. In her initial days she played way too safe. Look at her makeup, hair, attire. Who could say this lady would become a trendsetter in Bollywood. That was a thing of past, now she’s all drama. Dark, smoky eyes, ox blood lips, highlighted manes and risqué outfits are her staple now.

Priyanka Chopra Before and After:


She is alleged to have gone under surgery but despite that her appearances were either too glittery or too plain. She has taken a while to step out and put on something daring. Now if there is a word to describe her, it’s Diva. Red carpet or airport, she’s always hot.

Jacqueline Fernandez Transformation:


If you thought ‘Ye to paida hi hot huyi thi’ then you’re probably wrong. She took her own time for adjusting here in Bollywood. For the promotion of ‘Aladin’ she opted for this outfit which rather looks like Mata ki Chunri. Now, God knows whether it’s by God’s grace or Sonam Kapooor’s grace, we’re delighted.

Alia Bhatt Makeover:


She lost a lot of weight before making her big debut. Chubby or slender she is always adorable, especially when she plays her age. Now every single time she steps out she makes all the heads turn.

Shraddha Kapoor Then and Now:


She made her debut with ‘teen patti’. This picture is from a promotion activity of the movie. Unruly eyebrows and lips. I don’t know what to say. Now she has realized the advantage of being blessed with a great skin. She is extremely beautiful without any makeup as well.

Nargis Fakhri Before and After:


Can you figure out what’s wrong with her? Her hairstyle is so weird, and it doesn’t suit her at all. I won’t comment on her patchy makeup. Now, She took my breath away, I can’t write. Check it yourself.

Anushka Sharma Then and Now:


She is the only example in this list who looked better earlier. No matter how many open letter she write, there’s no denial that something has gone really wrong with her lips. No matter what she wears my attention is diverted towards her swollen lips again and again.

Huma Quraishi Before and After:


She is really not the favourite of fashion police but her initial days were unsightly. Here she can be seen at the Iftar party of Gangs of Wasseypur. Someone has undergone tremendous change. She looks pretty, isn’t she?

Kareena Kapoor Then and Now:


I’m sure her ‘Tashan’ days must be a nightmare for her. She was horribly blond and terribly fragile. Whatever! Now gorgeous is the word. Indian, western whichever avatar it is. She takes full point.

Kangana Ranaut Before and After:


She took some time to embrace her natural beauty. Earlier she was either too flashy or total plain jane. Just like her contemporaries Kangana has learnt to welcome new trends. Most of her looks are classic, and her confident smile is the most charming thing ever.

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  1. True, except Anushka Sharma everyone else looks great and well groomed :)
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  2. The only big change I have seen in Alia Bhatt and Nargis Fakhri.
    Both have come up like an diva.
    I slightly mixed Nargis with Bidya Balan in her before avatar.