Top 10 Blair Waldorf aka Leighton Meester Outfits in Gossip Girl: From All 6 Seasons!

top 10 blair waldrof outfits in all 8 seasons fashion inspiration

How To Dress Like BLAIR WALDORF and Her Best Fashion Outfits

By Contributor: Srishti

Just ten!! Whaaaattt!!! Even a hundred would be too few for Blair Waldorf. Who watched Gossip Girl for – (1) the fashion divas (2) Chuck Bass? I soooo did! It had such an apt and sweet ending. (Chuck’s and Blair’s son was so cute.) Discussions on Gossip Girl can be endless. So, we are going to make this one Blaircentric. This glamorous girl totally won we us over in the first episode of Season 1- she was the perfect vamp dressed beautifully sluty in black. She made her statement with the cutest headband and black textured stockings in the very first episode. Also a lace dress had never looked hotter. Could Leighton Meester get any hotter and prettier? And she more than did!

blair waldorf episode1 black lace dress
season 1 episode 1

1. The School Girl – Wish I could be the school girl who wears such smart clothes to school

blair waldorf season1 ep13 Alannah Hill coat
Season 1 episode 13

I had a rather suit uniform in my high school.gross!) Not only did she make a statement with the brightest stockings and the cutest headbands. Her coats were to die for. Season 1 episode 13 she wears this Alannah Hill coat. The coat though extremely smart might not be her best, but coupled with the shirt, skirts, headband, bag, accessories, a school girl can die for the outfit.

  1. Floral Dress – She looks a flower

blair waldorf season1 ep18 floral dress head band
season 1 episode 18

In season 1 episode 18 she looks like this beautiful toddler who you feel like pecking all the time. Collette Dinnigan dress and Jennifer Behr headband give her beautifully cut shoulders and amazing skin a rosy tone. I don’t see any actress who could have pulled off this dress as beautifully as her.

3. Prom Queen

blair waldorf season2 ep24 marchesa peacock blue gown
Season 2 episode 24

And just fit to be. Season 2 episode 24 witnessed Blair in a Marchesa Spring 2008 gown with golden peacock. Could you think of a black gown with golden peacock? The moment you see her in it you wish branded fashion came cheap because the beauty of the gown blows your mind away. Plus I can’t imagine someone even trying to wear a headband with it, but she did only to emerge out a winner.

4. Professional

blair waldorf formal office dress inspiration
Season 2

Season 2 again! Marc by Marc Jacobs dress. Could professionalism get any hotter?!

5. Shaded at its best

blair waldrof season3 ep5 Red Valentino dress
Season 3 episode 5

Season 3 episode 5 has her wearing this indubitably lovely Red Valentino dress with Juicy Couture bracelet. I think the colors and shade pattern has been very intelligently chosen though I would have preferred the wedges/platforms without red. Nonetheless the outfit has its charms.

6.  Love for red

blair waldrof season4 ep2 Oscar de la Renta Pre Fall 2010 gown
season 4 episodes 2

Has red ever looked redder and lovelier-no! I mean oh my God! Soo mesmerizing. I mean in season 4 episodes 2 when I saw her in this Oscar de la Renta Pre-Fall 2010 gown, I went like THIS WOMAN IS MEANT TO BE A PRINCESS! Though, I highly disapprove of her pink Roger Vivier clutch and Christian Louboutin heels I can’t take the fact away that she looks RED PRETTY!

7. Carrying summer off

blair waldrof season4 ep5 Nanette Lepore dress
Season 4 episode 5

I am a sucker for bright shades. This dress has it all. Any summer dress couldn’t be cuter. Season 4 episode 5 has her looking adorable Nanette Lepore dress with Nancy Gonzalez bag, Tiffany & Co key necklace and Mathew Campbell bracelet.

8. Hot in pants

blair waldrof season5 ep5 high waist pants
season 5 episode 5

I could totally rip her apart to have those pants. Such an intelligent and smart outfit. She just carries it all!! From season 5 episode 5 – I crazy love this outfit. The mix and match scheme is genius.

9. Pretty, sweet or hot

blair waldrof season5 ep6 Moschino Cheap Chic blouse Carlos Miele skirt
season 5 episode 6

I can’t decide. The stylist has one heck of a brain to think of the bright assemble. It is simply wow! From season 5 episode 6, here is Blair in Moschino Cheap & Chic blouse + Carlos Miele skirt and Loeffler Randall shoes. And not to forget her adorable bow.

10.   Frill it on

blair waldrof season6 ep3 Red Valentino dress
season 6 episode 3

In season 6 episode 3 in her Red Valentino dress with Brian Atwood shoes and Alex Bittar earrings Blair looks a Barbie. She looks like that cute girl a guy can get lovestruck with in the first look.

Blair Waldorf’s contribution to the girl world will never be forgotten. We will always remember how to flaunt a girly headband like a lady, how to wear bright stocking without being embarrassed.

blair waldrof wedding gown
blair waldrof wedding gown

Could be wedding dress

blair waldrof wedding gown options
blair wedding gown

P.S – those of you who were expecting her wedding gown to be in the post..I personally think that though she looked very B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L in her gown, she has looked better than that.

Which is your favourite Blair Waldorf Fashion Choice? Share your views with us.


  1. I am a GG fan for life ! And true sometimes i re watch some episodes just to see the oh-so-amazing outfits and chuck&blair <3 . Blair is more princessy, dainty and a vintage chick. (I love).
    Would love to see a Serena post too <3

    And totally agree with you. That clutch doesn't go at all with the breathtaking and dream-like oscar de la renta gown! Was clicking my tongue the whole time!

    V. Interesting post.! :D

  2. Love love love Blair!! Gossip girl indeed is one of my favourite shows and I loved every single look of Blair. Though I wish we’d get some cheaper copies of her gorgeous looks. High fashion doesn’t come cheap!
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  3. I absolutely LOVE GG! I love you compilation…! :D
    xoxo ;)
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  4. Awesome compilation. Blair is looking super gorgeous in every outfit <3
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  5. I am too a big fan of GG..used to watch it just for the sexy dresses worn by Serena n Blair and not to forget the classy ones by Lily… Guess I should watch it again :)
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  6. Chuck Bass!!! The best ever!!! You have some patience because this is a beautiful compilation.
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  7. You’re absolutely right. Even 100 dresses are less. I love all the ones you’ve included but I would’ve added the Marc Jacobs dress she wore(season 1) the night she went for Chuck’s Burlesque Club opening…the one she took off for dancing, remember?

      • Yup. It was sweet yet sexy :P
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  8. Beautiful compilation dear :)
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  10. I love her in the show …. best Character :)
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  11. Fun post.

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  12. Your list is slighty sketchy. Her dresses were amazing and you don’t know better than the world class designers who put together her ensembles. Also, there were 6 seasons. Not eight. And her ELIE SAAB wedding dress was gorgeous, no doubt about that.

    • ummmm….i don’t seem to have made the mistake of writing eight seasons anywhere and yes!! i don’t know better than the world class designers ..i no where deny that.. but when it comes to a post .. i have to have an opinion of my own..don’t i ? and no offence love .. your comment seems to be hating it ?

  13. Love LOVE Blair!!
    Great picks hun :)
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