Street Wear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick Pink Passion: Review, Swatches


Review, Swatches, Price, Buy Online Street Wear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick in shade Pink Passion

By Contributor: Vaidehee

Hey you guys! If you’ve been following my reviews on lipsticks, you’ll have noticed that i’ve been trying to break away from basics and have been collecting more daring shades. Next in that line of “BAM!” shades is bright purple-pink deemed Pink Passion from Streetwear Colour Rich Ultramoist lipstick range. Now i may not have mentioned, but i’m a huge fan of these lipsticks, because they have a huge array of moist-matte shades at a downright affordable price. Let’s start with the review and swatches..

Street Wear Claims: It contains moisturizing agents that seals the color and maintains the softness leaving a creamy texture and finish.

Shades Available: Fire Your Ex, Very Vampire, Riveting Rouge, Foxy Fantasy, Puzzle Me Pink, Mystic Mauve, Berrylicious, Ruby Riddle


My Review of Street Wear Pink Passion Lipstick:

Price : Rs.180. Which makes this little gujju, very very happy. Also, it makes sence to try out colours that aren’t in your everyday-wear spectrum that you won’t wear a whole lot, with a range like this.

Packaging : The packaging for the street wear ultramoist lipsticks is terrible. i’m sorry, but it’s terrible. It’s cute, with that archies-esque comic girl ,  but it’s not sturdy , and the lipstick tube doesnt twist all the way down, which means the actual bullet tends to chip when it strikes the cap .

Fragrance : Almost fragrance-free,just slightly synthetically scented. And if that bothers those of you with a sensitive sniffer , well , bummer. (It’s very subtle though.)

Consistency and Texture : They’re what they claim to be. Moist-mattes. Not true dry matte, and not glossy. The only comparison i can come up with accurately are the essence matte lipsticks ( One of which i reviewed in a lovely raspberry shade here) , although these tend to settle more into lines than those. But extremely close in texture.  Little myth-buster moment here, they’re not “ultra-moist” (as hyped) in my experience, but i’ve heard that the nudes are slightly more smooth in formulation. One little tip here, They do tend to bleed slightly if you go a bit overboard , especially the deeper shades, so you might want to pair them with a lipliner just in case.


Pigmentation : The shade Pink passion is a lovely deep purple pink , with a blue undertone to it. which , as the legend goes, helps your pearly whites look whiter. It looks very stark with very deep Indian skin tones, i’m not going to lie, but hey, if you can sport it , more power to you! It is a truly in-your-face  shade that will either perk up your mood, or make you never want to wear in public. (usually the latter from what i can perceive) The colour is very opaque and takes care of just about any hyper pigmentation on the lips, so a huge there. Infact, the entire range has very good pigmentation to it that cancels out any discolouration and shows up with good opacity on just about anyone.

Longevity : The longevity on these street wear lipsticks is okay at best. Because they are bottom-shelf drugstore, so richly pigmented , and with the texture that they have, they end up bleeding a little unless you’re careful not to go overboard with the application and they do wear off and transfer rather easily. I would say 3-4 hours is when they start to get a little messy . But here’s what i do, i use a bit of translucent powder over it to set it (or you could just use a single ply tissue paper to blot it)  and then, it lasts a whole lot longer. The poor longevity of the color rich lipsticks has more to do with the texture than anything else. Also, there isn’t any major settling into fine lines as it wears , although there is some, and if you happen to have dry or chapped lips, it will be much worse. (In which case you might want to use a good chap stick beforehand.)


What i do love about Street Wear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick Pink Passion:

  • As much of a paradox as it is to my previous statement, i do personally love this shade. I’ve been trying to be more bold with my choices and have been trying to break out of my usual habit with peachy-pinks.
  • The pigmentation for the price is unbelievable. It’s something you’d expect from a proper Revlon or L’oreal lipstick .
  • The texture is actually pretty good. Surprisingly enough , and this is rare with drugstore ranges for this price , the matte lipsticks aren’t drying at all.

What i don’t love about Street Wear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick Pink Passion:

  • The colour is a bit stark, again, doesn’t really go with everyone’s taste. But it is worth mentioning here that the range has some wonderful peach and brown toned nudes as well and an array of more subtle shades.
  • The longevity could have been better, although, that’s a given with most drugstore lipsticks, especially at the price we’re paying.


Price in India: Rs.180

VNA Rating: 3.5/5

Where to Buy Online in India:

Verdict? I’d say , invest in better quality for your everyday wear shades. Get one from Lakme absolute,  Revlon or L’oreal instead for everyday wear. They tend to have better longevity and offer better quality at a higher (yet affordable) price. But for a shade (like a bright red or a barbie pink ) that you’re experimenting with to see if you’d like it , you might want to check the Street wear Ultramoist lipsticks. They have managed to deliver the best possible product at the price that they’re set.

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