Do You Remove Your Makeup Every Night Before Sleeping?

how to remove makeup every night


Do You Remove Your Makeup Every Night Before Sleeping?

Err..this is one of my sins. When you come home after a late night party or event then makeup removal is the last thing on your mind! I mostly just wash my face with my favourite cleanser Cetaphil and……that’s pretty much it. I have not seen any break outs the next day apart from the usual acne in summers. But still its a bad habit which I’m trying to change. When I’m wearing a waterproof mascara then I simply use warm water on my eyes to take it off.

But on days when I’m not being a lazy ass then I use my favourite Chambor eye and lip makeup remover. After that I’m planning to get the MAC Gently Off remover which has got some really rave reviews. Are you regular or give it a miss? Any good recommendations?

Btw I recently read The Husband’s Secret and its one of those books you put down for sometime to clear your mind and analyze your thoughts. So many many stories..but it was a refreshing break from my usual chick lit novels. Btw I had a good idea about the secret after the first few chapters. And no its not what you are thinking!

Do you take off your makeup regularly? Share your views with us.

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  1. I toh just can’t sleep without taking off the makeup.. even if I return home at 3 am..:-P
    I use lakme bi phase makeup’s great! Removes makeup quite well!

  2. always…i use maybelline makeup remover,then garnier cleansing milk and then clean and care face wash…followed by a toner..this is the only sequence i feel squeaky clean.

  3. Makeup off always! No matter how lazy or tired I feel. I simply cannot go to bed with makeup on. Try oil cleansing! Easy cheap and gives great skin. No other cleanser comes close to oil cleansing in my opinion.
    Its one of ny *rules* lol. And o have downloaded the book! Its on my to read list for this year.
    Kayennat recently posted…My Profile

  4. Makeup off the face no matter how tired! To me it feels like I am going to bed dirty.

    Balm cleansers and oil based cleansers are THE BEST. Do not be scared of them if you have oily skin, they actually help balance the skin rather than strip it off, like some foaming cleansers. And you do not have to worry about doing two steps, makeup removal then cleansing. It will do it all for you :)
    Supria recently posted…My Profile

  5. Makeup has to be removed every night no matte what, and oil based cleanser are the BEST! Currently I keep on changing between biotique one and OCM.

  6. I am lazy girl….by the end of the day I feel so tired that all I can do is use kara wipes thats it…. some times when i am not that tired then yes I pamper my skin.
    Manasi recently posted…My Profile

  7. 9 out of 10 times yes but there are days when I’m just so tired, I can’t be bothered. But in general, I don’t wear a lot of heavy makeup on an everyday basis anyway.
    Xuvious recently posted…My Profile

  8. Most days I do remove all my makeup (and by that I mean BB cream and mascara!) but some days if I’m really tired I just wash my face and leave it at that!
    Aditi recently posted…My Profile

  9. Always! :P

    Infact, It’s the First Thing I Do Upon Reaching Home.. It’s Habit Now!

    But If I Know It’s Going To Be a Late Night Party, I Mostly Skip Mascara
    Heena recently posted…My Profile