Post College Sarojini Market Haul (photo heavy)

My mom asked why am I shopping so much? Well her question was justified since my college is finished now and I’m sitting at home and preparing for various entrances and planning (read I’ve no where to go to).
So may be I can call it Post-Exam haul, or Summer of 2011 haul or better a Makeover haul! Whatever the reason, I hauled and went to Sarojini Market. Let’s have a look:

I love its so summery. And since the Leech-o-meter in Delhi is so high, I will wear it with a pink spaghetti top. I wanted a bubble gum pink but could only manage this.

I look “cute” more cute whenever I wear this. Its strange of me to get something like this since I hate being called cute. (I was always the cute one in school and in college too..hmph)

A sequened mehendi halter top. This one makes me want to play dandiya. When do we play dandiya btw, Gujratis?

A sheer net caramel top. I would wear it with a black tube.  You know how much I was ranting about sheer lacy tops HERE. I nailed the 5th style in that post here.

It was love at first sight. And when I tried it, it was love at first embrace. It hugs at all the right places.

What are your views? You likey? Any favourites? Suggestions on how to wear them? Tell Me!

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  1. anshita, where is this amazing place? i wanna go! i feel so sad seeing ur nice haul. my god i want them too. :'(
    btw, put the prices na plz. :)
    i love everything u got. the pink top, is it branded? i want something like that too. :P love the white and turquoise tops. arey yaar, im losing my mind. i shud stop here. :P

  2. I love the first and the last top the most! :)
    Great haul!

  3. @mehak yeah first love too :)

    @kuheli everything is for Rs.200 except the pink one, its even lesser :P i know everything rants about sarojini. Whenever you come 2 delhi next, do visit dat place. it all export wala maal!

  4. under 200!!!!! me toh now wud start crying. and we hav to buy all the nice stuff from branded stores at wayyyy higher prices. :-/

  5. Now I HAVE to go to Delhi!!!! No, I better break into your house Ansh!!! Then I’d be getting the already handpicked ones!!! Love the lace one! I have a thing for laces!!

  6. @saf yeah!

    @bhumika oh m waiting for d navratras now ;)

    @nivedita happy 2 see u back. my pleasure, come & take everything sweets ♥

  7. Cute!! =)


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  8. Lovely lovely tops!!! Totally love it all!!!
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  9. Love the last white top, very cute. Sarojini is THE place for treasure hunts, albeit you need strong will power to survive the crowd

  10. Amazing finds, i Love Sarojini too!! got some stuff from there in summer and need to get them altered to fit.