Photo of the Day: Brave and Bold!


I did something crazy with my hair! No no not coloured my hair……have heard too many horror stories to take that step. But yes something really fun and colourful. My college people will get a mini attack!

And yes I’m wearing the same mint blue jeans I featured in my summer pastel jeans post yesterday. I can’t wait to tell you all. But I’ve a gazillion photos for this so let me go and filter…grr. That’s the part I dislike the most..takes so much of time. The post will be up tomorrow so look out! Btw can any of you guess what it is? The hint is in the post. Family and friends keep shut okay!

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  1. Here is your latest zara in the post pic :) looks gr8 !!

    Your hairs look great…but where have u gone..share it too :D