Pastels and Peaches – New in My Summer 2013 Closet!

Summer Pastel Trend in India Mint Pants

Summer Pastel Trend: Mint Blue Jeans and Peach Chinos

I had a cover photo on my account with 4 girls standing in 4 different pastel denims – mint blue, light peach, lime yellow, soft pink. Pastels had just come into trend then. Looking at that photo one night I vowed to myself to get those pants in each of the pastel colours I just mentioned. People this was an unbreakable vow (much like the ones in Harry Potter). The only difference being mine was binded by the law of fashion instead of magic.

So my journey started (much like horcruxes). I only needed to find my perfect fit. That time I was not big on shopping for clothes online (yeah!) so I scrounged all the markets and nagars and malls but nope nothing that I would fall in love in a heart beat. Some were too big, others too dull. But then I found these!

Summer Pastel Denims
Summer Pastel Denims

You know how you sometimes want to pull off your jeans and throw them away because they stick to your skin and you feel you are suffocating. Remember that episode in Friends when Ross wears leather pants and they keep on suffocating him and he ends up getting rid off them publicly?

I am in a phase where I hate all my jeans. And my B-School thinks shorts and dresses are not “professional” enough. And being tiny I can’t sport palazzo pants (although I did eventually get a pair but that’s for another post).

The solution: chinos. They are cotton trousers which leave enough room for you to breath in. And when I saw these American Swan coral orange chinos..I fell in love. I mean this colour wasn’t even in my list and I had no idea lowers could come in this exact shade.

The other pair of jeans I got is pastel blue. It was sheer luck that I found it on sale in Zara. Its so soft and breathable. And this colour was on top of THE list which I am now gonna run to tick off.

orange peach jeans
Orange peach trouser chinos


Pastel Orange Chinos by American Swan
American Swan chinos
Pastel Chinos in India
pastel peach chinos online
Summer pastel jeans in India
Zara pastel mint blue jeans in India


Zara pastel trousers fashion blogger
Zara pastel trousers
Coloured jeans in India fashion blog
Zara pastel blue jeans and American Swan orange chinos

My college is re-opening today and I have never felt so ready. My closet is bursting with all these new tops and jeans I have shopped. What more? I just hauled lime green denims online! All I need is the soft pastel pink pair and I can bring the horcrux search to an end. Btw American Swan has got this huge Sailor inspired collection with dresses, shorts, shirts and even bags. I know you must be thinking why I didn’t get that instead. After all I am a nevli (thats an inside slang for sailor girls in India). Well those are American navy colours there and I am a desi nevli!

Mint Jeans – Zara
Peach Chinos – c/o American Swan

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  1. u knw i detest wearing jeans and i haven’t worn a pair in the past 5 yrs :p chinos have been a life saver and i neeeeeeeeeedddddd to get my hands on that mint pair ASAP!! Pls do some OOTDs with it :)

    • i dont know y i didnt come across chinos before and they are so comfy. i dont have anybody to click me here but now i am gonna try hard. self timer here i come!

  2. OOTDssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
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  3. I have the same mint trousers and they are awesome! Would love to see OOTDs!

    I have featured them in my haul post at my blog

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