November Favourites ~ Makeup and Skin Care

November Favourite ~ Makeup and Skin Care
Somehow I never end up doing what I originally plan to do. Some of my life’s most important decisions were made at the last moment and they were the best I could have made. Like I planned on doing a product review today but my camera battery was threatening to die any moment so I quickly clicked these two shots for last month’s favourites.

missha bb cream inglot lip ice makeup favourites
november favourites- makeup
  • Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lipstick (such a big name!)- Coral Pink. My favourite pink and I don’t have loads! You know I hoard nudes and corals. I’ve not swatched this one here but you can check out Brick Rose from the same range.
  • Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Bare – I’ve been wearing it everyday from last 1.5months. This is officialy my favourite MLBB. You can check out Naked Pink from the same range.
  • Missha BB Cream. No its MISSHA BB CREAM. Yes I got her! Jealous? Please tell me you are!
  • Eva Lush Lips – My favourite balm when it comes to the tint. Somehow red balms look very natural on me.
  • Colorbar Illuminator Pen – Not exactly loving it. Let’s say I’m giving each other a little more time. Let’s see how this relationship works out.
  • Lotus Herbals Lipgloss in Lychee Squash. Now I know what you are thinking….that I don’t like shimmer. Okay I still don’t. But it makes for a good night time gloss in this wedding season.
dove skin hair care lotus herbals moisturisers favourites
november favourites- skin and hair care
  • Aroma Magic Mineral Glow Scrub – Perfect for this weather. Review coming soon.
  • Lotus Herbals Sheamoist – I never imagined myself using such a heavy moisturiser on my face. Things the chill make you do.
  • Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Emulsion – I can’t tell you how much I’m liking this. Though its a little light in this chill but I’m guessing it will be my summer love.
  • Dove damage therapy conditioner (review soon) I keep saying review coming soon..and that soon never comes! But I promise I’ll be working my butt off now.
My October Favourites, in case you want to know.

So did you have your “oh me too!” moment? If not, what products did you use the most last month?

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  1. I waaaaaaaant tat inglot blush..I see it in my dreams since the time you’ve reviewed it..I love coral pink too..unfortunately my sister stole it from me..grrrr…n well we are not even discussing the MiSSHA BB cream..hmmffff..

  2. superlove love the coral pink..awesome pink….I think you are going to make me buy the blush….i am bit two-minded over that one for some time

    do visit my blog

  3. Thats a very nice list,,even I love Lotus white glow one,,works really nice for me :)

    n oh yes where did you get the BB cream from,, :)
    have heard allot about it :)

    Thanks :)

  4. hheeh, Himalaya body lotions, Lotus gloss, moisture extreme lipstick… and yes.. the red lip balms look natural on me!! Hi5!!
    So, you are on almost Bbcream treats now!! Me also wants!!!

  5. Same Pinch!! Reddish tints and colours work best on me :) :)
    BB cream!!!!! :O Another one? You better do the reviews Missy! :/
    And colorbar Bare too with a LOTD I’m seeing it a lot and Im always in the market for a MLBB colour so bring it on! :) :)

  6. Is that a lip balm, i thought it’s a phone. See how ignorant I am…:( where is the review sweets? <3

  7. nice post!!! :) btw both the lippies are my favs too ;) oh and Ansh btw went to MAC yesterday… to buy Lady Danger (thanks to your post)… but it seriously was dangerous!!!! :P so opted out and got myself Chili instead!!! :D

  8. @Keerthi i know i always miss reviewing it..ab pakka se. wait for a week, nd i will do a full review n swatch on bare :)

  9. @Samyukta yep saw ur super J. that lady is very dangerous. even i have a few swtches of chilli in my drafts!

  10. Hie :)

    I have nominated your lovely blog for the Versatile Blog award .

    Please check out the link below

    I truly enjoy reading your blog and look forward for more awesome posts in the future

    Namita :)

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