What is the New Updated MAC Lipsticks Price in India 2014?

mac lipsticks price in india

MAC Cosmetics Price List

Shalini asks “I just heard from a friend that MAC Cosmetics in India has changed its price list and increased them. Is it true? If yes then what’s the new pocket pinch? Is it applicable on the entire range like foundations, blushes, eyeshadows, compacts or just lipsticks?”


Yes its true! MAC has increased its prices by ₹200. So the lipsticks which costed ₹990 now cost ₹1190! I know! So cruel. I mean when petrol prices rise they inform you beforehand so you can go hoard and stock up a dozen barrels of oil but these MAC guys are so cruel. One day someone updated on FB that the prices are gonna be increased and the next day..boom! Who knows maybe I could have bought a few lipsticks? And this is the regular range. The Limited Collection prices will be much higher.

Who benefits?

  • Inglot! Seriously I had mentally removed Inglot lipsticks from my radar after they changed their prices to Rs.950. Who would buy some stupid numbered lipstick when you can get a beautifully named MAC by adding just Rs.40. But oh well.
  • Bobbi Brown – I always wanted to try their Creamy Matte Lip Colors which are priced at ₹1350 but it always seemed a little too high for lipsticks. I want a true matte pink lipstick and was considering Impassioned or Chatterbox. But now now. I will go ahead and add some 150 bucks more and get Pink Lily instead.

Who loses?

  • Us!

I don’t have any idea about the other products. The blushes were priced at Rs.1400 when I last checked so I don’t know if they have been re-priced too. Anybody? Is the entire makeup range affected?

PS – Did you notice the ₹ sign? I got a new laptop and it has a rupee key! ₹₹₹₹₹₹₹₹

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What’s your take on this recent price change? Share your views with us.

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  1. Insanely hiking the prices , maybe they should slow down in Indian market. But we gals can never stop shopping no matter what the price is :p
    bharathi recently posted…Jabong.com shopping experience and reviewMy Profile

  2. Hey girl, when did this happen? I just bought a few lipsticks from MAC and they were the same old price – 990 bucks. Maybe you should get the ones you want, ASAP.

  3. I would like to try bobbi brown lipsticks now … just few bucks more ! thanks for sharing the update.
    Shreya recently posted…BnB and Vakaro.com first Anniversary special GiveawayMy Profile

  4. This is really bad ! I was thinking of buying my first MAC lipstick !!! after all I just started to buy lipsticks ! :(
    Priyanjana recently posted…Palmolive Ayurituel energy shower gel reviewMy Profile

  5. Yeah…MAC hiked all of its product prices…
    its applicable to all products…
    In every store, whatever products are in old price tags, can be bought at that old price and any new stock will have revised price tags. that’s what told to me….
    renji recently posted…MAC Brick-o-la Lipstick Review, Photos, SwatchesMy Profile

  6. I wish sumbdy could warn me before hiking the price.. :( need to save more!
    Arshita recently posted…Important Skin Care Tips for Sensitive Skin:My Profile

  7. Its criminal….and I was waiting for the retro permanent stock!! And ya…inglot is no more a budget buy.

  8. sad… just sad. not fair :(
    Maitreyee recently posted…Sweet Almond Miracle (homemade face pack / scrub) Part oneMy Profile

  9. Gotta save on more and more to reach MAC now…very bad :(
    Ramya UrsGorgeously recently posted…L’Oreal Paris Color Infallible Eyeshadow Purple Obsession Review,Swatches and EOTDMy Profile

  10. Oh no.. I’ve got to check out the Kolkata store immediately.. This is insane.. First I would think why loreal or inglot just add a few more and get a mac. Now people would think just add a few more and get a BB. But since BB is not everywhere Mac still has some adv. Got to save more and buy less now :(
    Sumathi recently posted…Weekend With The Blogger 3: What’s Keeping Me BusyMy Profile

  11. This is absolutely disgusting, I recently got my first Mac lipsticks Mocha and Mehr thankfully at the old price, was already thinking to go for bright shades, but now no way. Bobbi brown creamy matte is any day a better option, I am also eyeing pink lily love the bright shade <3

  12. Wow!! I can’t believe this. Thankfully I keep discovering new lipsticks from other brands that I can still buy:)
    anuya recently posted…A pair of recently-purchased-and-discarded spectaclesMy Profile

  13. yeah, hiking the price sucks but nothing can be done about that. I’m really liking the faces cosmetics brand of matte lipsticks. These days in Indian market the lipstick shades are coming up with some nice ones, duping the MAC so its all kool haha.
    bharti recently posted…HAUL: Cute cups from Tmart.com siteMy Profile

  14. thank God I hauled before hand!! the SA had told me that they will revise the price.. I never took it seriously!! HATE IT!!
    pragya recently posted…My Envy BOXMy Profile

  15. Ughh this sucks! Looks like everything now costs the same as it does in the UK.
    Supria recently posted…Empties and their replacements!My Profile

  16. That’s not fair at all! It just hits on the comman woman’s pockets!! :( I guess I’d rather buy one soon before the prices hike again!!!

  17. Rs. 1190 is about £12. I’m jealous. Here in the UK, Mac lipsticks are £15.50. I remember when I bought my first ever Mac lipstick in 2007, they were £11!!

  18. Where can I find them @ 1600? Online, they sell somewhere around 2500 bucks!!! Even at heavy discounts, the price drops only to 1800/-

  19. Original Mac lipstick for sale.
    Buy 1 for 1300 rs.
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