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Achieving long, luscious and voluminous locks of hair requires extensive hair care and one of the most effective ways is oiling. Regular massaging with proper hair oils can give you the desired results without any damage. It is always fascinating to find out how our ancestors and the women living in those ancient ages used to take care of their hair. I’m sure most of us are familiar with various kinds of oils our great-grandmothers and grandmothers introduced to us and their properties.

Infusing herbs, flowers and fruits with oils to increase its properties (and add a few) has been a very old but popular trend in India. Every state has its own versions but there are some which are universal.


The Indian Head massage is an ancestral practice which has been recorded to be over 4000 years old in Ayurveda texts. It is practiced with warm oils infused with spices. However, with time and the amount of work load piling up, it is almost impossible to take time to oil hair ourselves let alone infuse them. Frequent visits to the hair salon is the only option for the busy crowd of our country unless our mother is visiting and there is nothing better than having her massage the scalp.


To decrease our efforts and save our hair, recently Hair & Care introduced first of its kind fruit oils in two variants; The Green Fruit Oil and The Orange Fruit Oil.


The oils come in cute, travel friendly packaging with respective colours. It has a tight, flip open cap which prevents any spill and locks securely. The label shows the ingredients, Green contains green apples, mausambi and olives while the Orange oil contains strawberry, orange extracts.


Benefits of Hair & Care orange fruit oil:


  • Dandruff removal
  • Reduces split ends
  • Softens hair
  • Helps hair grow strong and long
  • Makes hair manageable


  • Antiseptic properties
  • Removes split ends
  • Anti-bacterial properties
  • Reduces split ends

Green Apple

  • promotes hair growth
  • reduces dandruff


Benefits of Hair & Care green fruit oil:


  • Stimulates hair grown
  • Wonderful conditioner
  • Helps remove dandruff


  • Prevents hair fall
  • Fights dandruff
  • Prevents fungal growth


  • helps in getting rid of dull hair
  • gives shine to your hair.


You can massage this oil on your scalp and leave it on for 30minutes or more and was off you’re your favourite shampoo or use it as a serum.

After a wash, take a few drops of the oil and run it on your hair to make it more manageable and not to mention for the soft sweet fragrance. So it can be used as a serum, if you are running out of one.

You can also leave the oil in your hair over night or do a champi for the best results before a wash next morning. It will give you super soft and shiny hair.


Unlike most hair oils which tend to be very heavy, especially after being mixed with several ingredients, this hair and care hair oil is actually pretty light. They almost have a serum like consistency, with a non-greasy or oily texture. They aren’t too runny either making it easy to work with as well. They are very moisturizing and leave the hair feeling deeply conditioned and hydrated.

Have you used Hair & Care Fruit Oils? Share your reviews with us.

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  2. I think it would help to keep hair beauty naturally. This must smell so good because of the added fruit extracts. I would link to buy one for testing myself.

  3. Great review on the hair oils. Oiling my hair pre shampoo is one of my most favourite hair care routine. These look tempting as well. :)

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  5. Hi Anshita Juneja,
    love to use fruit oils to care your hair? I don’t use any kind of fruit oils for my hair care even I don’t know. thanks for sharing a great article. I will try my hair, especially Strawberries fruit oils because sometimes I Suffer the hair fall and dandruff problem.

  6. Beauty is not about skin and clothes only, it consist of everything that is visible, even your body language and confidence and these things add to the confidence. Grooming should be done overall.

  7. Awesome article!
    I’m always looking for new products for my girlfriend.
    She’s high maintenance so these hair oils should keep her quiet for a while…hihi
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