My Teen Idols- Olsen Twins

Who loves Olsen twins? “I do. I do”
I know most of the people hate them for there in-your-face-wacky style sense but they were my teen idols(just like Britney Spears was yours) and I was fascinated to them when I started watching Two Of A Kind as a young girl. The Olsen twins are everywhere, always showing up wearing the latest trends, knowing exactly what works for them.

Mary Kate Ashley Olson
Mary Kate and Ashley Olson

olsen twins
Mary Kate and Ashley Olson

Their fashion style is boho-chic. That’s why these beautiful sisters are not afraid to experiment when it comes to fashion and makeup.
In 2006 , Ashley Olsen was included on the PETA Worst Dressed list for wearing fur and both of them were criticized by the animal rights group for their use of fur in their couture collection “The Row”.

PETA Olsen Twins
Their fashion line is known as ” Elizabeth and James”. Be it scarves, oversized sunglasses, boots or loose big sweaters, they can make anything work for them. They sure know how to wear a Chanel bag or a pair of Louboutins! They dont hold back when it comes to style. You surely are going to read a lot about them here.

emo olsen sisters
gothic olsens

I don’t care what the world writes about them. Kudos Olsens!

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  1. I really like how olsen sisters work with everything from fashion to social. I was big fan of baby olsen in the series Full House. They were one little darling playing the same character…:) I still watch it sometimes as I have some downloaded.

    Yeah BB cream… is it open for Indians?

  2. I LOVE the Olsen twins! They have been my favourite since they appeared as kids on the hit show Fullhouse. They’re style is timeless and I look upto them for inspiration. I thought I was the only one who still admired them, I guess not! Aha! xx.

  3. aahh i love them and loved full house too..i never knew that that cute little girl will become a fashion icon one day :)

    they both are fan:)

  4. @anamika yea thy r so pretty na
    @saf maryam no u r not alone.. :)
    @jiya i too hv thr downloads n watch them :)

  5. I remember watching ‘Full House’ as a child, they were so adorable! and now they have some of the most original style in Hollywood.