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 MUA Professional Dusk Til Dawn Palette Review and Swatches

By Contributor: Rmyah

My favorite times of the day are the sunrise and the sunset. Inky blackness lifts like a veil when the sun pops its first rays over the horizon every single morning at dawn. The champagne colored sun rays creeping up the sky from east slowly towards the west banishing the darkness like a chariot riding up on the rays on a black road. And as the day draws to an end, the dwindling light of the day saying silently good night as the day gives way to the dusk. Velvety blackness engulfing the sky changing pace through a multitude

   of colors right from a vivid pink to a midnight blue as twilight falls upon us every single night.

The play of colors across the skies also run riot through my imagination day in and day out. So when I came across this palette named “Dusk til Dawn”, inspiration struck. Make Up Academy, fondly known as MUA throughout the beauty world came up with a unique combination of twelve colors signifying the beauty of the dawn and the mystery of the dusk.

MUA Claims: A versatile collection of eye shadows that will transform your look from day to night.

I happen to completely agree with MUA, which does happen pretty often these days. This palette does contain a versatile set of eye shadows and I can cook up a  storm with the colors. Ranging from the gold of the sun rays, the soft and pearly pink of the skies at dawn and dusk to the midnight blues and purples and a starry black, this palette very effectively captures the blooming colors of the skies.

MUA Professional Dusk Til Dawn Palette Review
MUA Dusk Til Dawn Palette
MUA Professional Palette Dusk Til Dawn
MUA Dusk Til Dawn Palette

Packaging: The palette comes in a very sophisticated packaging which I like considering MUA decided to put “Professional” in their name. The packaging does look very classy. Black shiny plastic with shiny silver lettering on it. Closes with a snap. My nails literally bent double trying to open it up again. The shadows come in a round pan embedded in the case. MUA could’ve done better here…make it square MUA, square…we’ll get more product then!

Texture: I somehow feel whoever criticizes MUA is out of their mind. MUA does make very buttery, pigmented eye shadows. And I totally like the feel of them on my eye lids. The glittery shades do have a bit of fallout but tell me which ones don’t. Overall, great quality for the price we get it at.

mua dusk til dawn
MUA Dusk Til Dawn

The MUA dusk til dawn palette contains the following shades:

Top row (left to right): a pale pink almost white pearl finish, a dark gray with barely there sparkles, a champagne pink with slight shimmer: satin finish, a white satin, a burgundy-ish very less-ish burgundy taupe color: pearl finish, a reddish pink pearl finish.

Bottom row (left to right) a gold: satin finish, a light grey: pearl finish, a very pretty turquoise: satin finish, a glittery midnight blue, a gorgeous deep purple: satin finish and a glittery black.

I observe that the top row seems to be made of shades representing the day and the bottom row for the night. Intelligent MUA.

Staying Power: The shadows do stay on me without creasing for at least four hours after which they tend to start fading away. But of course I blame it on my super oily lids. You do need a cleanser to take them off you…but hey…we want non-melting makeup right.

MUA Palette Dusk Til Dawn photo
MUA Dusk Til Dawn Palette
MUA Palette Dusk Til Dawn
MUA Dusk Til Dawn Palette

Here are the swatches:

MUA Palette Dusk Til Dawn Swatches
MUA Dusk Til Dawn Palette Swatches
MUA Palette Dusk Til Dawn Swatches
MUA Dusk Til Dawn Palette Swatches
MUA Palette Dusk Til Dawn Swatch
MUA Dusk Til Dawn Swatch

Here is my dramatic colourful eye makeup using the eyeshadow palette:

EOTD using MUA Palette Dusk Til Dawn
EOTD using MUA Palette Dusk Til Dawn
Eye Makeup MUA Palette Dusk Til Dawn
Eye Makeup MUA Palette Dusk Til Dawn
MUA Professional Palette Dusk Til Dawn Review Swatch
MUA Professional Palette Dusk Til Dawn Review Swatch

The Good:

  • Really gorgeous shades.
  • A very versatile palette which can create both day and night looks with just a color change
  • Great quality of pigmentation of shades
  • Excellent packaging
  • Fabulous staying power

The Bad:

  • Availability
  • Fluctuating price, seriously, if we don’t know where to get them, we might end up paying a bomb

Price: 4GBP

This probably is the most confusing area of these palettes. It is available on the Make Up Academy website at 4 pounds which right now with the ridiculously high rupee price translates to 360 INR, excluding shipping. Some of the Indian websites whereas charge 1050 INR for this piece of treasure. Jabong slashed its price to 880 recently…sadly its out of stock there.

VNA rating: 4.5/5

VNA Recommendation: This MUA palette is all you need for a day out or a night partying. Grab this baby and you’re good to go. I always have this one in my bag for a quick “dusk til dawn” look.

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  2. No way!! I am getting more of MUA palettes! I so agree with you. I don;t see why people complain about MUA palettes. I found nothing wrong with the products, the price, even with the shipping seems just a throwaway!
    I am surely putting this in my next MUA list.
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  3. pigmentation is just wow
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  4. OMG!! the purple and blue are gorgeous..MUA palette are always awesome..Wonderful EOTD!!
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  5. I love the light neutrals shades and the teal and purple shades are amazing! I’ve been holding back so much on buying more MUA and Sleek palettes but this is incredible!