Maybelline Watershine Lipstick Review

First of all let me tell you that it was the first lipstick I EVER purchased. I was in school that time and all I read was Delhi Times which used to be full of how Jolie has got such a lovely nude pout. And then all I wanted in the world were nude lips! So, I started off on my search for a nude lippie.
My Nude Lippie definition at that time: the lightest possible lipstick ever made on earth to give you AJ’s pout. :P
And so I reached a Maybelline counter and said “I want a nude lipstick”. She asked about the tones, pigmentation, staying power and all I said was “it should be NUDE you know”. She started swatching tomato reds, barbie pinks, cofffee browns and all others which were far far from nude. And then I exclaimed “Nooooo they arent nude. Show me nudes”!! I tell you these stupid SAs were really irritating and my mom was getting impatient. Finally the SA said “mam whats a nude lipstick?” I was like “WHAT?? You dont know nude!!!” She was really embaressed and then I tried explaining her what it was. That is when she took out the Watershine range and started swatching them. Although the colours were light(which I wanted) but they were not nude and finally she convinced me into buying MOCHACCINO- a light brown shade.

Its been 3yrs now and it is still lying unused in my drawer. Why? Let me tell you..

Range: Watershine
Shade Name: Mochaccino
Shade number: 61
Price: Rs.220

My Experience with it:

  • Exteremely low pigmentation. It is like applying a sheer tinted lip balm.
  • You dont get any colour, all you get is a glossy watery shine as if you have applied a gloss.(its living upto its name!)
  • Very low staying power. You apply it and its gone in like 15mins!
  • It has got no shimmer though, which I like.
  • I like the colour- a very light browns. It looks pretty in the swatches. How I wish it translated on my lips too. Sigh.
left: 3-4 swipes, right: single swipe
bottom: 3-4 swipes, top: single swipe
in artificial light

I wore it to my brother’s mariage and when I saw myself in mirror after sometime, I was like Gosh! Where is my lippie! And as expected I wasnt carrying it for reapplying, I didnt know the rules then. I thought there was something wrong with my lips and I stayed away from lipsticks for sooo many years after that. All my dreams of getting nude lips were crashed. Only now I know that there was nothing wrong with me!

My Rating: 1
Repurchase: Hell No!

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  1. Great review… I also have a thing or 2 against these lippies from maybelline, thanks for coming in the open :P You are correct it lives upto to its name wetshine and gives the lips a wet look :)

  2. @beautydiva hehe its wat beauty blogging is all about!!
    @bhumika post some swatches of the colour u got..
    @anamika ya much much much better
    @rakshanda okh!!:)
    @jiya i already told u dat..v hv got same taste :P