Eye Makeup For Small Eyes: Make Them Look Bigger

How To Make Small Eyes Look Bigger

Eye Makeup For Small Eyes

Gurveen says:
I just discovered your blog a few days back and now I’m totally hooked! Love your style of writing!! I had a query, if you could help me out..that would be great! I have really small eyes…like really really small. And i have no idea how i should do my eye makeup to  enhance and make my eyes appear bigger. Kajal is the only thing i put everyday and not to forget, I’m a total begginer when it comes to makeup.
Please help me out!!!Thank you!

Hi Gurveen. Thanks a lot! I’m so sorry for the delay but your query is finally up!

Eye makeup for small eyes can be tricky if you are a beginner. We need to concentrate on three things: Eyeliner, Eye shadow and Eye lashes.

1. How to apply Eye liner on small eyes:

  • Line your bottom lashline with a white or n*de/flesh toned eye pencil. It instantly gives an impression of wide awake look. I recommend: Mac Chromagraphic Pencil. For budget options you could try Rimmel Scandal Eye pencil in nude or Bourjois Khol and Contour Eyeliner Pencil in Rose Fantaisiste. Kryolan makes one too but I heard its not good.
white eye pencil makes eyes look bigger
How To Make Eyes Look Bigger
  • DON’T line your entire eye lid. Start lining by leaving some gap. Just like you see in Angelina’s photo below.
  • The same goes for lower lash line too. Don’t line the inner corners. Only apply kohl or liner to outer 3/4th eye. Like the way you see the doll eyes girl has done below.
  • Make an outer curve to form a V with the liner on upper lashline. So that both the upper and lower liner meet. Elongate your liner a little outside of your eye to give an impression of a wider eye.
Eye Liner Application on Small Eyes
Eye Liner Application on Small Eyes

2. How to apply Eyeshadow on Small Eyes:

  • Ever noticed how wearing black instantly makes you look thinner or rooms with lighter walls give an impression of more space. The same goes with eyes too. The lighter shades make them look bigger and the darker shades give an illusion of smaller eyes. Think golden, light green, light purple. Avoid black and brown.
  • Always highlight your brow bone and inner corner with a light champagne shimmery eyeshadow.

Below I made a collage for pictures for your reference.

Eyeshadow Application on Small Eyes
Eyeshadow Application on Small Eyes


How to Apply Mascara on Small Eyes:

  • First Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler and then apply mascara on both upper and bottom lashes. Try Maybelline Hyper Curl Mascara or the Colossal Volume Mascara.
mascara on small eyes
mascara on small eyes


Quick Tips:

  • The shape of your eye brow is important too. Try getting an arch. It will instantly give an impression of more space.

The grass is always greener on the other side. I’ve got big eyes and I’m always trying to make them appear smaller!

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