Makeup to Compliment a Coral Pink Saree for a Wedding: Reader Query

pink saree makeup

Hi Anshita!
I wanted to ask you for lipstick and blush suggestions for a pink-coral sari (well it looks like that in store lights, but otherwise it’s a darker colour), very similar to your FB profile picture, but pinker. It’s really simple, georgette and has those gold bootis on the front top part. The sari is the exact same colour of the palla and the upper part in the attached pic.
I am so confused about the make-up! Can you suggest a long wearing lipstick with this? I was thinking Maybelline Superstay Stay with me Coral?
Also, I have the Lotus Purestay Foundation with SPF 20, but it gives me a white cast in pictures. What do I do? Sheer it out? Wear it in thin layers? Helppp!
Hi Stuti! I hope I’m not really late and the wedding hasn’t already passed! The saree looks exactly like mine but mine is more sheer and more red. But yours is super pretty too. Now I want a saree in this hot pink too. As for your queries, here they are:
  1. For the lipstick you are going in the right direction. Not only is the Maybelline Superstay Stay with me Coral a very pretty colour to wear but it’s long-staying too. If you want other options then you could try Mac Impassioned, Deborah Milano Red Shade No.9 and Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa. And keep a gloss handy in your clutch to moisturize your lips once those matte lipsticks start getting uncomfortably dry.
  2. For the pink coral blush, I whole heartily recommend my HG Lakme Absolute Day Blushes (click to see how it looks on me).
  3. Ah the foundation trouble. It takes ages before you finally hit you HG. Now you already have Lotus Purestay foundation. Its the spf in it that gives the white cast. To minimize the effect:
  • you can add a few drops of a darker or non spf foundation to the Lotus Purestay one.
  • Use as little as possible. Take one area like say cheeks and use very little and cover the whole face like that. If you need more coverage, go again like that thus building your foundation in layers.
  • Then take a damp sponge and pat you face with it. It will take out the excess.
  • Then warm your hands and bury your face in your hands for a few seconds. This will set the foundation.
  • Powder your face with some good loose powder. If your foundation is lighter, than the right shade of powder will correct the problem. I use Mac Masf natural. For a cheaper option, Lakme Rose Powder is good too.
  • Use a good foundation brush. I love my Sigma F80 and Vega basic foundation brush.

I hope I answered all your doubts. Btw Stuti is the name of my childhood friend’s big sister. We are not in touch anymore so I’m really curious now. Are you by any chance Stuti Sharma?

Girls if you have any remarks or suggestions or anything to suggest her then please comment below.
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  1. Lakme rose powder and vega brushes are good?? .. :) if so i’ll buy anshita ..
    Gowthami recently posted…Homemade Natural Lipstick RecipeMy Profile

  2. Haha, Anshita, no! I am not Stuti Sharma :)

    Thanks a ton for replying!! :*

    The foundation is exactly my shade (Royal Ivory), if a tinge darker than my skintone. It’s probably because of all the yellow in it and I have ever-so-slight pink undertones. And it’s so frustrating that I get the white cast when every reviewer is so happy about the damn product!

    Yay! Love all your suggestions :D

    • haha it happens a lot, everybody has got different expectations from a product. Let me know if you need anything else. :-*

  3. It seems Pinks cant go out of trend.. I can see Neons n Corals everywhere des days… :)
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  4. hi.
    i wnt a suggesion. my skin is wheatish, and i am going to ware a pink and silver color combination saree for a party. can you give me some tips for lipstick and foundation for glossy look.