MAC So Chaud Lipstick Swatches, Dupes?

mac so chaud

Another one from my sister’s stash. MAC So Chaud is a warm toned matte bright orange lipstick.

I had a Déjà vu moment when I swatched this lipstick, it reminded me of my Deborah Atomic Red Lipstick in 03 and my happiness knew no bounds on finding a dupe at half the price! But on closer inspection, they are no that similar. While both are matte, So Chaud is much brighter than Deborah much bright that it almost makes the latter look timid in front of it

mac so chaud
mac so chaud lipstick swatches

Left: MAC So Chaud, Right: Deborah Milano 03

mac so chaud deborah lipstick 03

So what do you think? I don’t think they are dupes.

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  1. Not an exact dupe but really the deborah one is pretty nice too. People looking for a milder orange lippi would love it. I like So chaud though..its super amazing

  2. It’s gorgeous!!! But if we don;t want to go expensive I can always mix my classic cherry red with the Milano one and I think it would be an exact dupe!!

    I want to meet your sis Ansh please. She has won my heart with her choice of shades.
    Looks like hete’s a kindred soul

  3. MAC so chaud looks hot! you are right Deborah lippie looks like Ms. Goody two shoes in front of Ms. Chaud!

  4. @Nivedita you know nivedita, dats what i was thinking to mix deborah with a red pencil to get a dupe of so chaud easily.
    haha my sis has a lovely collection. will post a few more

  5. Now they don’t seem to be dupes but Dm-3 can be duped with MAC Chaud by a little toying around with other shades. <3