Lakme Eyeconic Kajal Review, Swatches, Smudge Test

lakme kajal
Lakme Eyeconic Kajal Review, Swatches
You carry a lot of responsibility when you are a beauty blogger. As soon as the Lakme Eyeconic range hit the market, a girl in my class came to me and asked me for my views on it and I was staring at her with a confused expression “umm…I’ve not tried it yet. will let you know soon“. And later 2 girls asked me the same thing. So I HAD to succumb to the pressure and went on dissecting the new kajal under my own


Okay first things first, I like it they call it a kajal and not kohl. Kohl sounds soo firang to me. When you say kohl Avril Lavinge comes to my mind, and when you say kajal Indian gypsy women is what I think of.
*drumrolls* The kajal is matte black. Blacker than most of kajals I own.
Staying power: I’ve watery eyes and it stays on me for a good 6-7hrs.
Waterproof: Its waterproof so wash your face, take a bath, dance in the rain and it will still be there on your eyes (okay not literally).
Smudge test: Its smudge proof too since its matte. I have this habit of rubbing my eyes but it never smudges. In the pictures below I’ve rigorously rubbed the kajal but it just faded away without smudging and creating a mess.
Apart from lining your waterline and upperline, you can use it for tight-lining as well since the tip is smooth and glides easily. Btw I’m thinking of doing a tutorial on tightlining. Would you girls be interested in it?
Just for show-off, I’ve 4 kajals from Lakme! Been using Lakme Kajals from 4yrs now. Apart from that I’ve 5 more kajals from Lotus, Himalaya, Faces, Hashmi and VLCC. Talk of hoarding!

Now here comes the swatches and smudge test. I’ve just applied a single swipe in the photos. One more swipe and it will turn very black. Then I went on rubbing the swatch like a mad woman! And it just faded away without creating a mess or smudging (2 cheers for that)
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Lakme eyeconic kajal swatches and smudge test

Price: Rs.199

So is it for you? Yes if you have watery eyes or live in a hot and humid climate or just love to hoard kajals (my category!). The kajal is a nice matte black and stays on for 5hrs easily and water and smudge proof. 

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  1. Hahaha @ the waterproof part! Ansh I usually love kajal’s! I’ve been looking for a good one for a long time & since the Maybelline seems to have failed me ima give this a try! :) I like lakme too!
    How do you remove it? Lotion stings my eyes! :(

  2. very nice post. Great stuff. Nicely written & gives wonderful insight,


  3. i love this product, i find it more light and comfortable on eyes compared to the other varianst in market. packaging is sleek, no bright poppy colours. Thanks for the review and cheers