Kristen Stewart’s Bridal Makeup in Breaking Dawn (Part 1)

I went to watch Breaking Dawn yesterday. Okay don’t ask me how I found it because I’m going to be very biased in my judgement. Just like I forgive Harry Potter movies, I’m forgiving this one too. So don’t faint if I now go on to say “I liked it!” Done. Move on. And puhleez I can never imagine myself in Team Jacob. Team Edward wohoo! Not Rob, but Edward. I know all you Jake frantics want to probably kill me for saying that, but I find the vampire very fascinating. I half wish I was dating a vampire!

Since Alice is shown to create this master peice, it reflects her vision and probably that is why they went for smokey eyes, something Bella would have never chosen herself.
I like how radiant and fresh she looks. If I weren’t a beauty blogger, I would have never known she was wearing makeup except for her eyes. What I liked the most was how the colours blend in with her natural skin tone, specially the blush. Nobody blushes in peach or pink. Well, here are my general thoughts on her makeup.

  • You notice the glow and radiance on her face, something every bride should have on the D day. I suggest you mix some highlighter or brightener in the foundation to fake that glow.
  • I like how eyeshadow looks shiny without the obvious shimmer. Sweep a light frost shadow all over your lid. Apply a black liner on the lid keeping the line very close to the lash line. Now blend in a darker taupe colour starting at the lids and blending upward so that the eyeliner dissapears. Use a soft brown pencil on the lower lash line and smudge it with a light brown shadow. Use 3-4 individual lashes at the outer corner and finish off with double coats of black mascara.
  • I also notice some tight-lining on the eyes. Also, her brows are well defined and groomed and slightly darker than what she normally wears. But I’ve never understood her brow shape. It suits her but what shape is it? Anyone?
  • What I love the most is the blush and how naturally it blends with her skin giving her a healthy natural bridal flush. I suggest you use a liquid blush for that since there is no dewyness. Inglot Liquid blush #81 gives the exact natural flush with a matte finish (okay okay I’ll review it tomorrow. No delays this time). No one has naturally dewy cheeks so the idea of the blush is to look matte. Powder blushes can be too harsh for this look.
  • Her lips have a light hint of a peachy apricot colour. You may use a lip pencil in a light peach brown colour for that. Top of with a clear no shimmer lipgloss in the centre of lips.

If I were Bella, I would have kept the makeup similar except that I would have worn some kohl on my eyes, since I’ve been wearing kohl from last 6years, I look ill or sleep-deprived without it! Also, I would have gone for a slightly more intense lip colour in peach.

Wait for more, because I’ve a part 2: Actual Products Used for The Makeup  lined up for you.

Do you like her makeup? Any changes you would have done?

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  1. i usually find her looking very unkempt- as if she doesnt bathe- but in the wedding attire she looks good :)

  2. Oh wow! great post, I saw Breaking dawn on Friday & I felt like all book- to movie transformations it lost some essence of it.I in fact wrote the exact same post on Bella’s makeup & bridal dress,so imagine my surprise when I saw your post, it was like deja vu`! Great minds think alike ;)

  3. @indian beauty central ohh! i would def like to read ur take. and totally agree..but isnt this d case with every book? ;)

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  5. Why i feel that I completely relate with your feelings about EDWARD. <3 <3 <3
    I like bella too but the feelings for Edward is really different (am married but can’t control it :D)

    I watched it’s first day first show. <3