Indian Bridal Diaries: Esha Deol’s Wedding, Sangeet, Engagement, Mehendi Outfits!

Why Esha Deol of all people? I know! But come on its her wedding and its the first and last time you will see her here. I was waiting for her to get married so I could post all her outfits in one place. And man it was sooo difficult to find the “exclusive” photos of her wedding!
esha deol wedding
Esha Deol Wedding

Esha Deol and Bharat Takhtani tied the knot today morning at the Iskcon Temple, Mumbai. Both Esha’s lehenga and Bharat’s sherwani were designed by Neeta Lulla.

Esha Deol marriage photos
l-r: Bharat Takhtani, Esha Deol, Hema Malini

Hema Malini wore a Kanjeevaram saree as she said “all the Kanjeevarams are for the wedding”!

Esha deol mehendi ceremony
l-r: Aahana Deol, Hema Malini, Esha Deol

The Mehendi Ceremony Party took place at the Royalty Club in Bandra, Mumbai on June 27. Here again Esha wore a Neeta Lulla yellow-green lehenga. Although it was a “private” affair, almost all of Bollywood turned out at the ceremony. Here are the Deol girls you see above. I like Esha’s sister Ahana’s neon outfit! I’ve seen neon dresses, pants, shoes but an Indian traditional neon suit!

esha deol mehendi
 THE Mehendi 
Esha Deol mehendi outfit
Bharat Takhtani, Esha Deol
family picture deol
Family picture!
Neeta Lulla
Neeta Lulla

Here is the designer herself in a light yellow lehenga – Neeta Lulla. I like the colour, nothing else.

Esha Deol engagement
Bharat Takhtani, Esha Deol Engagement

Of all her outfits, I liked her engagement outfit the best. She wore a light pink heavely embroidered saree with a parrot green blouse. They both look quite happy here!

Esha Deol sangeet lehenga
Bharat Takhtani, Esha Deol

She wore a Rocky S orange lehenga for the Sangeet ceremony. What caught my attention was the pearl waist belt. Indian brides WITH a waist belt look no less then apsaras, right?

esha deol sangeet dress
Esha Deol
Bharat Takhtani, Esha Deol
Bharat Takhtani, Esha Deol

What do you think about her? The outfits were nothing special IMO but then she is a happy bride and that’s what matters at the end of the day.

PS- I don’t own any of the images. All of them are from google images.

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  1. i liked only here sangeet outfit… even then felt the color combination cud have been better..
    wat an ill-fitting blouse in tat pink saree-parrot green blouse.. even we dont wear tat ill-fitting ones to shop for grocery!
    Her mehndi outfit is like a forest on fire.. yuck! forget abt her wedding saree.. even telly stars chose better clothese for their bridal outfits in the serial!!! :)
    as pointed out.. neeta lulla’s suit shade is really pleasing….
    the whole family has done some bakwaas clothing & makeup for the week-long celebrations! Disaster! :)

  2. hmm.. nothing extra ordinary and her makeup isnt that great either butttttttttttt hope she has a happy marriage life :)

  3. Well, its totally understandable for her to having a wedding like that with outfits like that cause of her mother being very “traditional” in a series sort of way and Esha Deol brought up like that of course she would go with RED heavy sarees and all that.

    She was totally a 2000’s heroin for me LOL. Wish her all the best and happiness. Big fan of her mum’s old movies lol.

    ♥Crazy Pop Lock♥

  4. Her engagement sari was pretty..I liked her sangeet outfit..though copied from Gitanjali Kareena ad :D

  5. Congratulations to the newly wed couple! Best wishes! It was nice of Abhay Deol to be present for the wedding, when Sunny and Bobby were not there. Best of Luck to them.

  6. Ive never liked Neeta Lulla’s outfits…dunno why these stars like her so much..even though her outfits were nothing great, her happiness shines through..wish them both a happy married life.

  7. she was looking good as far as the snaps go….love the engagement outfit and waist belts are my fav :)

  8. the waist belt one is really pretty i agree with you
    your newest follower:)

    Please checkout my blog Nail Art Hues and please follow if you like :D

  9. @Coral Crue yes actually dats the only thing worth noticing in the entire outfit

    @zatz i wish the same :)

  10. @shruti its nice :)

    @bharti ya traditional old kanjivarams and red sarees! i hvnt seen much of hema’s films though

  11. @pout pretty exactly i dont like her outfits too..dont know y ppl r so crazy about her

    @swati same to same!

  12. I was also expecting quite an action in the Deol-Takhtani wedding looking at the front page bombay times article a few days before the wedding. Should say I was disappointed – with the make up, the trousseau, the family attire, everything. But you rightly said – she was a happy bride and thats what matters!

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