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“Hi, I have a highly sensitive skin and often gets red patches on my cheeks (which is now permanent). Can you suggest some good cosmetics to keep my skin radiant and copletly clean without getting red patches and white/black heads. I m very worried now. Its been two years I moved to Bangalore from Delhi and since then I had bad hairfall and all skin problems. Would be great if you can suggest something for my hair too. I want my beauty back :( Please help!”

– Nutan
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Hi Nutan. I’ve sensitive skin too so I totally get what you mean.

1. To keep your skin clean, first of all take a look at your cleanser. The Bangalore temperature must be harsh in summers so try to use a good herbal face wash. I recommend Lotus Herbals Tea Tree face wash, it has never harmed my skin. But right now in winters, you probably don’t need a heavy cleanser, so I suggest you use Cetaphil Cleansing lotion. My dermo recommended it and I’m hooked since then.
2. For black/white heads, use a good quality scrub every 2-3 days. I suggest St.Ives.
3. Aloe vera soothes skin so that solves your red patches problem. If you can get the plant at home, brilliant. If not, use Patanjali Aloe Vera gel as a moisturizer.
4. For your hair, oil once a week with extra virgin oil. Stop blow drying. Use a wide tooth comb. Switch your shampoo and conditioner. I was suffering from a severe hair fall from a few months, Pantene helped me. Eat a healthy protein rich diet. If it doesn’t stops even after a fortnight of following this routine, consult a doctor soon.
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  1. i was about to say about Cetaphil and then I saw your reply. But kind of do not agree with the Olive oil part. I even talked with many hair technicians for this and the answer was always a big no.

    @Nutan – even for me when I moved from Bangalore to Delhi, I started having pimples and hair fall…major hairfall. I was using home made face packs and Matrix range only and it was working gr8 for me. But when I moved here things got tough. After lot of research I switched to SLS free shampoo. And with haircare remember one thing – Skin will show the effect in just 4-5 days on change of routine but for Hair it takes atleast 6 weeks for the changes to show. Your hair might look more dry when you switch to SLS free but wait for it to work!!….god this comment is sooo long…..phew…I guess I will do a post on this within a week….

    Lots of love and tc

  2. @Vanity
    yes Rogan Badan Sirin is very nice…pure almond oil is actually a awesome stuff…Eat it, massage it on skin, apply on hair…awesome always but no to vigin olive oil…but i love olive oil for winter oil massage…love it smell :D


  3. hmm.. Climate and water affect majorly.. n different prducts work differently on different skin.. I’d recommend her to consult a dermatologist! or try a home-made remedy for blackheads like sea salt scrub
    For hairfall- coconut oil massage once a week..
    Red patches- I have dem occasionally but touch wood.. nt in a larger area.. I use cold water or I don’t touch it.. aloe vera is good too! Try Ramdev’s aloe vera face wash and moisturizer..

    The rest of the tips are great :)

  4. @Sweet and Bitter my hair fall reduced drastically with home remedies so i have never consulted a doc but good that you have cleared it. a frnd of mine used rogan badam shirin, it helped a lot too. and thanks for clearing her doubts, i hope it helps her

  5. Gr8 Suggestions yar!!I have just started with cetaphil!It is gr8 :)

    Nutan!Apply oat mask on ur face every morning and wash after 7-10 mins.It will give a clear skin with a glow :)

  6. @Sweet and Bitter on skin too? i’ve oily skin and quite scared of putting any kind of oil on my face!

  7. I’ve used Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion too and I agree that it suits sensitive skin very well. Same, my dermo recommended it to me! :)
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