Secret Tip Of The Day Vol.20

hair partition

I’ve this ‘No Secrets’ policy on blog. That means I will share about every damn beauty or fashion secret I know about! I have a warehouse full of such secrets and would keep posting them here often so you all can benefit from them. All of them are
tried and tested. And if you have got any secrets to spill then please don’t hesitate and share in the comments. And yeah remember: shhhhh..keep it between us only.

Today’s tip is on hair parting. I have a right side hair part and earlier it used to travel to the left and by the time I reached home I had a left part I didn’t even know about! To hold the part for long just part your hair when you are freshly out of shower and the hair is still wet. This way it won’t budge a bit after its dry.

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  1. Awww. thanks for your lovely comment. It reminded my how we used to have *same pinch* moments!! <3 you since then!! :)Thanks for entering!!