Close Friend’s Wedding Update and My Red Anarkali Suit!

bridal red dupatta design

 Friend’s Bridal Update and My Red Anarkali Suit

Indian weddings are crazy. Period. I told you in this post that a very close friend is getting married. Well the time is here..the wedding is tomorrow! I met her a few days back and was quite taken aback. Man she is totally a bridezilla! I had an impression that she was totally cool and quite chilled about being a bride but nooooo she is now a bride-on-a-mission. The other day she had her roka ceremony and when I called her the first thing she had to say was “Anshita everyone was staring at me..bahut weird tha! I could not even talk to my fiance!” Well..ofcourse they will..she is a bride. I told her to get used to it..loads of staring lies ahead!

One of my inner most fears turned out to be true. The in-laws in India can never gift a bride what she wants. You know in our weddings the groom’s side gives the bride a wedding outfit – it can be the bridal lehenga, a saree or gown for the engagement. Plus the in-laws get the bride some post-wedding daily wear suits and other stuff. So now all the stuff her MIL chose for her is tacky. Its silver and blingy…and not the good kind of bling. The bling with lots of big jarkan stones. Well when I asked her what she was gonna do with it..she told me she will get them all exchanged!!

pink dupatta for indian brides

The world was a happy place until she opened the package that her MIL sent for the sagan ceremony. (The sagan is usually hosted by the groom’s family and held a day before the wedding where you gift all sort of stuff to the bride..mostly jewellery. Plus you get the bride a wedding chunni). So the suit she was supposed to wear just 4 days later was majenta!! And added to it was loads of silver work. Plus it was too light for a bride. Boy she was screwed! But given the total bridezilla that she had turned into..she had the house on fire! And the poor groom got it all fixed. But the chunni her in-laws sent for the sagan was the one you use in jagaran and mata ki chowki! The net red dupatta with lots of big golden lace?

So now her MIL suggested she go shopping with her for the chunni and since that day I was with her, she took me along. Being a total kickass sardarni she is, she handled it all…an annoyed MIL with her devrani and the chunni disaster. After hunting some 5-6 shops she finally settled for a pink net dupatta with a fuchsia velvet border. I forgot to click its pic….there was this strange bridal tension in the air which had me gripped.

indian wedding sagan chunni

At this time the heel of my wedges came apart and I had to rush back. Then I quickly went to my boutique to pick up my outfit for the wedding.

Things left to do:

1. Face cleansing. I don’t get facials done normally. But since I don’t have much time I will DIY it with my HG Lakme scrub, some nose strips and haldi mask.

2. Waxing. I will have to DIY that too with my favourite cold wax strips.

3. Threading. By the time you read this post my eyebrows would be done. If not, I would DIY this one too.

4. Get my shoes exchanged. I got sandals with 4 inch heels. Now when I came home and measured it against my old shoes..they were all 4inches!! So now I gotta go back and get something around 5-6. I know…..but no pain no gain. Plus its time I get used to such big heels since I’m quite tiny.

red anarkali design for indian weddings

I tried my red anarkali which I got from chandni chowk as I told you in this post. Please excuse my super oily face and that weird expression. I was just so excited to see how it looks on me. And I’m quite happy with what I see in the mirror. FYI I’m quite scared of getting my outfits stitched at boutiques. I go inside these shops starry eyed..order the best looking outfit from the catalogue but the final result is always a different story. Its nowhere near what I had imagined in my head. That happened to me on my cousin’s wedding where I was the bridesmaid. I had to wear two stupid outfits…let’s not even discuss it. So this time I didn’t wanna leave it on anyone (almost all the boutique ladies have said to me in the past – Leave it all on me). So I got a semi-stitched suit and just asked her to stitch it WITHOUT going “creative”. She still billed me a 1000 bucks…all she had to do was put it together for god’s sake!

If you want to know where exactly is my outfit from then don’t worry..I already have a detailed post planned next week.

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  1. I loved the outfit!!! <3
    Appu recently posted…Anna Andre Signature Seduction Lipstick in shade 19 Review, Lip SwatchesMy Profile

  2. Your red anarkali is really pretty. And yea, all tailors charge a bomb these days, even for just stitching up a half-stitched tunic!!!
    For my wedding, I had insisted on going everywhere with my mom-in-law for shopping for all the things they have to give me so everything I got was my choice (touchwood).
    Dollie recently posted…Testing Time: Kiehl’s BB CreamMy Profile

    • d tailors really charge us a bomb these days. well going by d comments here..everyone seems to have nice MILs!

  3. Loved the outfit ansh..ab jaldi se pics with full makeup lagana…would love to see…
    U knw when me got married my mil told me to do all shopping from delhi because on that time i was doin job their n and my hubby send me the money to get all suits n lehangha everything from his side even me choosen my engagement ring too with my parents.. mil is v sweet ..blessed to have her…….<3<3

    Nice post…
    Gud wishes to ur friend .. <3<3

      • In south Indian weddings, there is no lehenga or chunni. Only good old kanjeevarams and you can hardly go wrong with those. So my MIL bought me few lovely kanjeevarams and gave me the rest of the money to buy my own suits (since she knew I am not exactly the saree wearing gal!). Bless her!

  4. My best friend recently got married and even I choose to wear Anarkali in navy blue color…
    btw you look beautiful
    Shreya recently posted…MAC Satin Lipstick Captive Review and SwatchesMy Profile

  5. My MIL told me to go ahead and shop for their side’s stuff with my mom. She knew I would be more comfortable that way. She just sent the payment for the things I chose. I’m glad things happened that way! Brides already have so much on their minds. The last thing they need is someone forcing their choice on them!
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  6. I somehow feel that tailors which are placed at the shop itself do decent job. They do quick alternation and designing, not elaborated designing. I purchased a suit from Rajouri Market and within an hour got that stitched and carry it back with me, for sure there is much more cost associated with express orders :)
    For Jagraan wali chunni, even I have seen this and with all jewellery and makeup poor girl end up looking like a artist of chowki.
    Shikha recently posted…Fun Friday- Makeup, Shopping and MovieMy Profile

    • thats quite fast..i never knew shop tailors stitch suits too..i thought all dey did was minor alterations. i will look around next time

  7. Awesome Outfit !!! Looks Lovely on you :D
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  8. can’t excuse u , for ur oily face Anshita ;)
    This post kinda scared me about my future MIL(whoever would be that… :O)
    waiting for the OOTDs…

  9. pretty !!! I really wanna visit chandni chowk because I have heard and read so much about it …thats definitely on my checklist when i get to visit delhi !:)

  10. Thats a pretty anarkali..ya these designers charge a bomb these days for every damn little stupid thg !
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  11. Beautiful anarkali and a funny story :)
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  12. lovely! nice story! :D i can so relate to all this right now! one of my cousin and one of my friend, are both gettign married within a week, in December. * sigh* all the wedding related drama :D

  13. Hi…I came across your blog while searching for makeup ideas. One of my close friends is getting married soon and my suit color is quite similar to the one you purchased. Could you give me some ideas on the makeup to go with same? I have a medium skin tone

  14. Hi…I came across your blog while searching for makeup ideas. One of my close friends is getting married soon and my suit color is quite similar to the one you purchased. Could you give me some ideas on the makeup to go with same? I have a medium skin tone

  15. Amazing collection… This All looks really amazing. How much is its price? this is really amazing Indian Anarkali Suits collection