Bottega Di Lungvita Vita Age Aurum Acqua Micellare Solution: Review and Demo

Bottega Di Lungvita Vita Age Aurum acqua Micellare solution review blog

Vita Age Aurum Acqua Micellare Water by Bottega Di Lungvita Review

What a long name! I’m sure if i’m to go in a store and ask for it I would be like “Bottega di umm…italiano removero?” And I don’t even know the english translation of the name. All I can see is Aqua and tadaa its a water solution. Bottega Di Lungvita is a popular Italian skin care brand which has recently made its entry in India. I’ve heard they make some really awesome night creams and anti ageing stuff. I love Italian on my plate and in my wardrobe. Let’s start with the review and see if I equally love Italian on my face too.

Bottega Di Lungvita Claims: Suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive and reactive ones, this innovative micelar solution cleanses and removes make-up thoroughly from face, eyes and lips. Detoxifies, Hydrates, Purifies and Protectes the skin barrier. Micelles are molecular cluster that gently cleanse and attract both water soluable particles(cosmetic, pollutants)and fatty substances (sebum, silicones and oils)

Bottega Di Lungvita Vita Age Aurum acqua Micellare solution review
Bottega Di Lungvita Vita Age Aurum Acqua Micellare

Acqua Micellare is a multi-purpose water. Its a cleanser as well as toner. And also a makeup remover (that’s how I use it mostly). It feels like plain water when I touch it. It takes off all the dirt and makeup in just one swipe. Plus I don’t need to follow with water afterwards unless I’m removing some heavy duty makeup which makes you go for a splash of water. It also tones my face and makes the pores bit smaller.

It never makes my skin dry or irritated. Although it does sting a little when it goes inside my eyes. It usually happens when I apply it on my waterline. So mostly I avoid it there and just use on upper lid.

Bottega Di Lungvita Vita Age Aurum acqua Micellare solution review photo
Bottega Di Lungvita Vita Age Aurum Acqua Micellare

How to use Vita Age Aurum Acqua Micellare Solution:

I take a few drops on a cotton wool and swipe across my face. For eyes I keep the cotton on my lids for a few seconds and then swipe everything away. The speed it works at is magic. For eyeshadows, lipglosses, blushes, etc it takes just one swipe and for long staying kohls, matte lipsticks, mascaras, etc is takes one swipe more. And tadaa everything is removed.

Bottega Di Lungvita Vita Age Aurum acqua Micellare solution review demo

I was swatching my Lakme kajals the same day I was doing this post. Along with them I also applied a very matte lipstick, a matte long staying kajal and shimmery lipstick stain. And it wiped off everything. Even the sticky shimmer.

Bottega Di Lungvita Vita Age Aurum acqua Micellare solution review swatches demo
Bottega Di Lungvita Vita Age Aurum Acqua Micellare

Pros of Bottega Di Lungvita Vita Age Aurum:

  • Feels like plain water
  • Can be used as cleanser, makeup remover and toner
  • Removes all my makeup including the long staying and waterproof makeup
  • Doesn’t leave a greasy film behind
  • The quantity of the makeup remover is freaking huge. It will last me for ages.

Cons of Bottega Di Lungvita Vita Age Aurum:

  • Stings my eyes when I remove makeup from my waterline. It would have been perfect otherwise.
Bottega Di Lungvita Vita Age Aurum acqua Micellare solution review india
Bottega Di Lungvita Vita Age Aurum Acqua Micellare

Price: Rs.1350 (available online)

VNA Rating: 4/5

So is it for you? Bottega Di Lungvita Vita Age Aurum Acqua Micellare is a good makeup remover which can be used as a daily cleanser and toner too. It removes even waterproof makeup quite well. Although it stings when it goes inside your eyes. You get an amazing quantity for the price you pay. Italiano!

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Have you tried the Acqua Micellare water? Share your views with us.

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