Benefit Hervana Boxed Face Powder Blush: Swatches and Review

Benefit Hervana Blush Review

Benefit Hervana a good karma Blush Review and Swatches

By Contributor: Subhojwala

I am here writing my first review on VNA and that too, a product like Benefit Hervana, is something like heavenly nirvana! Sure blush pleasure I call it. Blushes are something most people don’t attempt to use. Most girls I have known shy away from them but girls here is a trick. Practice a wee bit, use the right amount and the right colour, and you are more beautiful than ever. It gives such glow and depth, you wouldn’t ask “mirror’o’mirror  who is the beautiful of all” because you know you’re the most beautiful. For a person with freckles and age spots, blushes do all the more good, they create an illusion which gives face an amazingly glamorous look and camouflages the spots.

Benefits Box ‘O’ Powders  have never missed attention from the makeup obsessed women and beauty bloggers worldwide, their collection is all classic. Be it Hoola, Coralista, Dandelion, Dallas they are still the best. And HERVANA , the ‘good karma’ blush is the their top seller and of course who wouldn’t buy it …How can anybody resist it? Why on earth is it irresistible? Keep blushing..I mean keep reading to know.

Benefit Hervana Blush Review ingredients
Benefit Hervana Blush ingredients

Benefit Hervana comes in the classic cardboard box (you will certainly fall in love , like it’s come straight from a fairy tale story…I have certainly felt so) with a cute mirror and an unimaginably soft angled blush brush which fits snugly in the box. Thankfully there is a thin transparent  plastic separator that allows the brush to sit without rupturing and messing the product.

Benefit Hervana Blush Review blog
Benefit Hervana Blush Review

A unique feature of this ‘good karma’ face powder apart from all the other benefit box o powders is that it has a wheel of 8 segments wherein four colours repeat. The four colours are all micro shimmery and range from light beige to coppery, to a pink and magenta.

Benefit Hervana Blush Review india
Benefit Hervana Blush Review

When I swril the brush over the blush, the brush picks up all the colours, a perfect blend for perfect glowy cheeks, I must say. Can be used well with casuals, perfect everyday, office. My skin has wheatish yellow Indian tone and this blush is good to me but I am super sure it looks fabulous on fair skin tones, gives the rosy healthy kind of glow..the dream glow.

Benefit Hervana face powder review

The texture of the powder is baby soft and glides like a dream on the cheeks. And coming to the fragrance of the blush..its smells great.

Benefit Hervana Blush Review photo
Benefit Hervana a good karma boxed powder
Benefit Hervana Blush swatch
Benefit Hervana Blush swatch

 Swatches of Benefit Hervana Blush in different lights

Benefit Hervana Blush swatches

What I super like about Benefit Hervana Blush:

  • Travel friendly ,compact, comes with brush perfect for application even for beginners.
  • Smooth and light dream like texture.
  • Smells great , I never smelt a blush like this before.
  • Can be used well with casuals, perfect every day, office blush.

What I just ..just like about Benefit Hervana Blush:

  • Errrrrr can’t think of any…but yeah I need a good amount of colour to actually show up on my skin tone .i.e. dusky Indian skin tone.
  • Sheer and light which some may not like.
Benefit Hervana face powder review
Benefit Hervana face powder review

Price: $28 (can be bought at Sephora Delhi in India)

VNA Rating: 5/5 Bingo!

Recommendation: Benefit Hervana Blush is an orchid blush that is sheer and light and suits everybody. This one is sure a keepsake, you don’t want miss on good memories do you?

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Have you used the good karma face powder – Benefit Hervana Blush? Share in the comments below.


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