6 Best DIY Homemade Shampoo Recipes: For Healthy Shiny Hair

do it yourself home made shampoo recipe for healthy shiny hair

Top Do It Yourself Shampoo Recipes from your Kitchen

By Contributor: Moupee

Every woman longs for healthy and silky tresses because long lustrous hair definitely adds to the beauty of a woman. Even men love to see women with long shiny hair and women perhaps know this little secret. With the help of their twirling curls and wanton locks that act as a mesh allowing them to play the true artful lady. Through their beautiful hair women can exude their typical feminine grace and charm to enchant all their admirers. Yes, that’s the magic of healthy shiny hair and every beauty conscious woman would do anything to get it. Instead of investing on chemical shampoos or hair cosmetics you can try your own quick DIY Shampoo recipes to get long and shiny hair.

These homemade shampoos are far safer for your hair as they are free from harsh chemicals and mostly consist of ingredients available right from your kitchen shelf. Also you can save a lot of money using DIY Shampoos instead of Chemical Shampoos. If you want to get silky smooth hair, you can try the following DIY Shampoo recipes:

1. Reetha, Shikakai and Amla

Mix Reetha or soap nut, shikakai and amla in the ratio 10: 10: 5. Soak all these ingredients in a bowl containing about 750 ml water. Leave it for about 8 hours. Then heat the water along with the mix until it boils. Once the water starts boiling, turn the gas off and allow cooling. Once it cools down, you have to crush the amla, shikakai and Reetha which are then all mushy and soft. Next strain the mix and readily use it for shampooing your hair.

2. Cider Vinegar, Castor Oil, Glycerin and Eggs

Mix ½ tsp apple cider vinegar, ½ cup castor oil, 1/4th tsp glycerin and ½ cup whipped egg. Apply all over hair and keep for 40 minutes. Then rinse off with a mild baby shampoo. This one recipe will offer effective conditioning and nourishment to your hair

3. Avocado, Jojoba Oil and Olive Oil

Mash ripe avocado pulp and add half cup jojoba oil or olive oil to it. Mix it thoroughly in a bowl until you get a smooth creamy paste. Apply all over your hair and keep for 30 minutes. Then rinse off with cold water.

4. Eggs and Olive Oil

Mix 2 eggs and 3 tbsp of olive oil thoroughly and apply the mixture all over your hair. Keep for 30 minutes. To lock the conditioning effect you can wear shower cap during that time. Then rinse of thoroughly with cold water.

5. Banana and Olive Oil

olive oil for natural diy shampoo recipe

Moisten your hair, and apply the pulp of a mash ripe banana mixed with 2 tbsp olive oil all over your hair. Don’t forget to cover the entire length of your hair. Apply it generously all along the hair strands. After 30-40 minutes rinse off with cold water.

6. Honey and Olive Oil

Mix honey and olive oil in the ratio 2:3 and apply all over your hair generously. The result is shiny silky hair after rinsing.

So these are some best kitchen recipes for healthy shiny hair. Try them and you are sure to get compliments for your lovely hair soon!

Note: Natural shampoos tend to dry your hair so make sure you use a good quality conditioner along the tips of your hair for some conditioning. Also these chemical free shampoo take time to adjust to your hair and show results so allow them atleast a month to work.

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  1. When I first glanced at it, it looked like recipes and I almost pulled out my recipe book to write them down.
    I’ve tried only the first one before.
    Is vinegar good for the hair? I hear it is a very controversial ingredient for using on the hair.
    krupa recently posted…Navrathri Day 3: The Gujrathi in BlackMy Profile

  2. I have also tried the first one only.. would love to try the second one if eggs can be replaced with some other ingredient. Is it mandatory to use eggs for the second tips or they can be totally omitted?
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  3. I am pakka se going to try olive oil!
    Rashmi recently posted…The Top 5 Tourist Places You Can’t Miss In AustraliaMy Profile

  4. so informative! these would be far better than those expensive shampoos in the market.
    laks recently posted…We are busy: Life after weddingMy Profile

  5. Great ideas. Will definitely try.

    kiran sawhney recently posted…Fashion trends- Bohemian inspired printsMy Profile

  6. such an informative post… but i’m super duper lazy!
    Lets hope i try one of this out :)
    Karishma Lakdawalla recently posted…Haul from Camelia’s Natural & Handmade Bath & Body TreatsMy Profile

  7. I’ve tried almost all of them except the avocado one…can avocado be replaced for something else? The banana mix works wonders but it can be a pain to remove :P My favourite however is shampooing my hair with overnight soaked methi seeds which give a nice lather. My hair feels instantly smooth and incredibly soft. :)
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