5 Annoying Things You Should Know About Forever 21 Online India Website and What To Buy

annoying things about forever 21 online india website and what to buy

Whats Wrong With Forever 21 Online Website in India and Shopping Tips

Yes yes this news has taken the fashion world in India by storm. Right from the 14yr olds to 30 21yr olds..everyone is excited. If you have been living under a rock then the latest news is that Forever 21 India has a brand new online website catering to the Indian audience. Yes no more spending heaps and heaps on Zara and Mango. Although I wonder how F21 manages to sell such cheap clothing. Is it because of the cheap labour in Asian countries or just economies of scale? Well lets keep this debate for later for now its time to discuss if its actually a good news? I don’t want to be a spoilsport but I couldn’t help but notice a few hiccups on the website which I gotta tell you girls. Also I’m listing down some tips to keep in mind and what all to buy if you don’t have a list already!

      1. Shipping Free only above Rs.2500:


This is totally unfair. You get free shipping above 500 bucks on almost every India fashion and beauty website these days. And then you have shopping destinations like Flipkart who ship products for as cheap as Rs.40! Bohooo F21 you gotta change that. If your shopping cart is under 2.5k then be ready to pay 200 bucks of shipping and that too with a standard delivery option which takes a week or above to reach you. For express shipping you gotta shell out a huge chunk of money and no its not free no matter how big your order is. Tip: Combine your purchase with a friend to reach the payout

2. Restricted Delivery: angry-cat

I love websites which ship all over India. The basic point of these big brands coming up with their online stores is that they get to reach a wider audience and not just the metropolitan cities where you already have the stand alone stores. So if Forever 21 refuses to ship to Bihar, Jharkhand, Jammu & Kashmir, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Lakshdweep and North Eastern States Territories then I don’t know what to say. The major cities in India already have loads of Forever 21 stores in their pockets so the basic point was to reach to a girl sitting miles away in..Shillong?

3. No debit cards or Internet banking!


What? Is this for real? 80% of Forever 21 customers are those loyal teenage girls who just refuse to admit that they aren’t a teenager anymore. Most of them are students who don’t carry credit cards yet and no you cannot ask your family to lend you one. You don’t actually tell your mom that you shopped until it reaches your door when she can’t deny the delivery! Right now they are only accepting credit cards.

4: Shoe Sizes: crying

Okay this one is personal. I’m actually quite heart broken while writing this. All those yummylicious pumps and sandals you see on their website are only available for sizes 6 and above. I’m a size 4 and went to the store this week to get myself a nude pair. Buuuht my size wasnt available in the entire store except for some ugly boots and chappals. I thought maybe the stuff is sold out but nope the website doesn’t show my size either. And its not that I have very tiny feet. May be Forever 21 doesn’t think we petites deserve pretty shoes.

5. Incomplete Stock:


Lastly the site is still under process so a lot of sections still don’t show all the stock available. Having been to three F21 stores in the last two weeks I know the collection like the back of my hand. So yup almost all the sections are under stocked. Hurry up people. Not all of us have the gift of patience.


Having said that here are a few things I do like about the Indian website:

1. You can exchange defected items at the store also. This includes mistakes done on the part of F21. Other than that you gotta exchange your order via mail only. And yes you bear the shipping charges.

2. Unlike most websites you can club more than one gift card in one order.

Anyhoo I’m still going to shop from the stores only.

My personal shopping tips:


1. Look for Love 21 items on their website. This is a contemporary line and targeted towards a more mature and sophisticated woman. So the quality of the material is expected to be better.

2. Think before you buy the crop tops! Most of the crop tops on their website are actually as tiny as saree blouses. Having tried them myself I know you cant wear them unless you are wearing super high waisted lowers.

3. The eyewear is actually pretty cool. They have everything right from round rim to cat eye. We had a super fun time while trying them out at the store.

4. Jewellery and accessories are quite good as usual. Do give this section a look.

Yes girls I am back from my blogacation. No I don’t want to be back..I want an extended holiday please! Sigh

Have you shopped from the Indian website of Forever 21? Share your experience with us.

Founder and Editor-in-chief, VNA. When she is not moonlighting as the editor, you can find her watching american sitcoms and movies. She is a huge lover of literature, , snapchat and food and could possibly be more passionate about these than makeup!


  1. Thanks for sharing this great info, i’ll keep your tips in mind while ordering stuff.
    Rakhi Singh recently posted…Top 13 Best Under Eye Gels in India 2014My Profile

  2. even i found out these hiccups on forever21 website. Talking abt footwear, I thought at least this will have sizes more than 10 :( but i am that unlucky…
    loved ur pics :)
    sindhu recently posted…Dhaba on Wheels – Restaurant Review and PhotosMy Profile

  3. Oh Wow!! Thanks for sharing!!
    sufia recently posted…Birthday Month Giveaway! Win MTV MUAH Make-up Kit by Blue Heaven!My Profile

  4. The funny thing is f21 does free shipping above for orders above 50$ in US and they sorta just did the same here and didn’t investigate the Indian online market at all ….

  5. Nice gifs. You’ve made some really good points, especially about the debit cards!
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  6. I never buy anything online from Forever21!! Sometimes the quality can be really bad!! Better to check in the store and then buy!!!
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  7. Thanks for bringing these issues to light.Unfortunately Forever21 isn’t the only website which charges higher shipping fee for purchases under 2500. Body shop, Forest Essentials and Nature’s co are all guilty of the same. And as for shipping restrictions, I feel for you.I’m so sick of seeing affordable items in Flipkart and other online shopping sites which either aren’t deliverable to my area or won’t accept COD.

  8. I totally agree – having a shipping fee and that too so high is outrageous in today’s time n age – they should have just partnered with Jabong/Myntra instead – I mean look at those websites – they deliver the next day if you are in a metro city – and shipping fee is less too ( the huge discounts all year round!)
    Shilpa Gandotra recently posted…How To Wear A Shorts Suit – Teaming A Pair Of Shorts With A JacketMy Profile

  9. Where did you manage to get those animated expressions..?? Though the article is quite saddening for online shoppers it is quite hilarious to read !!!!
    Harine recently posted…Vichy 3 in 1 Cleanser, Scrub and Mask Review and Usage TechniquesMy Profile

  10. when the world (read blogosphere) is going ga ga with Forever 21 coming to India, I loved this super in-you-face types blunt review… truthfully telling whats good and bad about forever 21. I loved the frankness of this review Ansh… Kudos
    tarry recently posted…Indola Innova repair rinse off treatment – For that extra love to your tressesMy Profile

  11. ohh.. this is ridiculous that they do not accept payment through debit card or internet banking transactions.. I have never owned a credit card and am never even planning to own one, so in that case I cannot shop online from forever 21- a very lame reason for not to online shopping from one of my fav stores.. also, free delivery shopping limit is sky high, I mean who would be ready to give Rs 200 extra on a mere accessory purchase of even 1000 bucks.. looks like they do not prefer their customers to use their online store !

    • they just copied there international website policies. with their prices you can never reach 2500 until u buy loads

  12. We can shop with debit card in if you check their customer service payment section with a misleading heading when my credit card will be charged they have also mentioned

    ” If you are paying with a debit card, please verify with your bank if there are limitations on daily withdrawal amounts on your card.”

    Website layout is misleading.

      • yeah. you can pay with your debit card. im still in the process of piling up my cart with crop tops to reach the minimum limit for free delivery, haven’t paid yet but i saw it on the site.

      • OH AND. forever 21 crop tops are my favorite. they’ve got so many floral ones and the length at which they’re cropped, i think, is prefect. the fitted ones look great with high waisted shorts and the relaxed-fit ones are super comfy. im obsessed with forever21 crop tops. but i do agree that they can’t be worn bottoms that arent high-waisted, not here in India. Mera bharat mahan! And the shipping charges.. :| it’s extortion!

  13. ah ha..quite a lot of hiccups there.. hope they disappear with time..
    The PinkTrends recently posted…Home Decor Ideas from The Elephant CompanyMy Profile

  14. I somehow dont find the quality and sizes of forever21 consistent…althougg thier pricing n stuff is definitely awesome…regarding online shopping, probably they will buck up soon huh??
    smita roy recently posted…MAC Coral lipsticks love from a Coral loverMy Profile

  15. Hey
    Please help me
    Forever 21 just came online for india
    And I ordered stuff from there
    My order has been shipped but it has been more than 10 days and I haven’t received my order
    And nobody picks up the call on the customer service number
    Please please help me!
    How can I them ? No email provided ?
    Please help !

  16. Agree with all of your points especially point no.2.Restricted shipping??i mean,c’mon!If F21 had done their homework properly they would know just how fashion conscious the north east is.And we don’t even have F21 stores here unlike the rest of you lucky girls.Sooo unfair.C’mon you guys..show us some love here!

  17. I am happy finally a site which caters to women and girls above size six and above as I was fed up of seeing every shoes for women below 6. Not all sites offer free cash on delivery. Violet.com just not have this option and Nykaa and Med beauty charge INR 50 extra for COD below INR 1000.

  18. I am unable to place order..
    Help :(
    M stucked in billing and shipping..
    They are asking for *select a city name. Bt no option to select …
    Wat to do? :(

  19. I am having the most difficult time with their customer service. I placed an order on the 8th of September after paying a whooping Rs. 1500 shipping charges (I live in the north east). Today is the 18th of September and my package is still lying in their warehouse. Why? Even the customer care representative can’t answer that and I have to wait for this ‘person’ (who is never around when I call) to be given an answer. I have mailed them repeatedly. No reply still. I have called them numerous times. They take my number.. probably just write it down and throw it in the bin because no one calls me back. This is getting really frustrating and I am VERY, VERY disappointed with their service.

  20. Thanks for this! I was just going to shop from their website when your blog came up on search. I’m from Nagaland :( bye bye happy mood. I’ve been to their store at DLF saket as well as ambience vasant kunj. So true about the shoe sizes. I don’t know why they stock only gigantic pairs. Loved their accessory section though! I feel like their clothing sizes may vary a little. I used to joke that I feel skinny (which I’m not) at f21 stores :D

  21. Oh god! Just read aftr visiting d website! N u juz took word out of my mouth! Too mch iffsss n buttts … Having said that.. I wil visit stores only for purchase.. Wich era r they stil livin it gosh knows!!

  22. I have had a bad experience with Forever21, each time I have placed an order. The amount gets debited from my account, but there is no record of the order, nor do the items get delivered. I have been chasing their customer service dept for 1 month now for either a reimbursement or then for the shipment of my order. Pathetic!

  23. Hey can you just help me with ine thing?im so confused. I wanted something which was available on the normal usa forever21 website but i cant seem to find it in the indian website!Is this like the way its supposed to be?such a pity the usa website has way better stuff!:(

  24. haha..that is an awesome post..

    I know their crop tops are too short…
    Megha Sarin recently posted…Shopping experience with new ethnic wear – MaandnaMy Profile

  25. How I wish I read this before I placed an order on their website :( I had ordered for 2 dresses,1 top and 1 bag. Surprisingly I received the products within 3-4 days but there was one dress missing and in place of that dress there was this “blouse-crop top” which is very ill fitting and ugly looking *sigh* And the customer support though takes my calls but always gives me lame replies like call after two days, our server is not working so call tomorrow, the upper management is not responding we don’t know why ,etc etc etc…..I wish I hadn’t ordered or at least the wrong product was something that was pretty and useable :(


      • I doubt they will improve with this kind of attitude. There are so many old complaints about them. Well, I called them again and this time I was asked to wait for 7-10 days for the reverse pickup to be done but wasn’t given any confirmation or request ID for the same. Responses were cold and not satisfactory. I think I’ll wait it out for next 5-7 days and let their 7-10 days period get over and then take it up on Facebook. Or maybe i’ll get irritated again and do it tomorrow morning itself *argh* .I can’t even get it exchanged in store coz the top isn’t listed in my bill – obviously coz I never ordered it! I spoke to one of their store assistants on phone and he said bill is required. Let’s see. I’ll surely update here.. Maybe my comment will save someone from all this hassle.


  26. Oh, how I wish I’d read these comments before placing my order. I returned an item at my own cost last December (2014) and they still haven’t refunded me. It’s March! As someone else mentioned, every time I call, the customer service person (always the same lady, Deepthi) gives me the same lame excuses. I’ve emailed numerous times, and they say they’ll refund my money which still hasn’t happened. Do they really need three months to resolve such a small issue??? The courier has confirmed delivery and I’ve sent confirmation receipts to F21 and they are still not satisfied. I will not be using their online store anymore!
    P.S. – Do not put F21 tshirts in the dryer – they will shrink, even on low heat.

  27. Soo True! I’m a teen from Shillong and I don’t use any credit/ debit card. I would have spend LOADS if they had COD and delivered stuff, but now it’s just like ._. and many of my school mates feel the same way. YO! Forever 21, you’re losing a lot of costumers and if you haven’t heard, Shillong girls LOVE mordern trends so yeah. It’s frickin LAME what you’re doing.

  28. I got wrong item of lesser price. The customer care advised me to exchange product at store .
    They refused to exchange product .This website has many flaws. The customer care executives mislead information. They do not even ask for order no. and give vague answer.
    Do not waste your money on this website.There are many good online shopping website available who care for their customers.
    This website will be shut down soon , they are hopelessly inefficient.

  29. I got wrong item of lesser price. The customer care advised me to exchange product at store .
    They refused to exchange product .This website has many flaws. The customer care executives mislead information. They do not even ask for order no. and give vague answer.
    Do not waste your money on this website.There are many good online shopping website available who care for their customers.
    This website will be shut down soon , they are hopelessly inefficient.

  30. All you Forever 21 fans please read this too http://www.nysun.com/new-york/evangelism-in-fashion/38174/ Forever 21, a popular chain of CHEAP-chic clothes with stores throughout New York, is literally spreading the GOSPEL with every sale.

  31. Pick up some products in cart but… As I proceed with the order.
    No COD. 😆
    Being trouble enough by online shopping therefore can’t trust anyone 100%
    At times customers are left with no choice but to follow up customer care like a pathetic dog.
    No COD, no more Online shopping.
    Thus, the products are left in the cart…RIP. 😝