10 Best Organic Skincare Brands and Products in India


Top 10 Organic Skincare Brands and Products Available in India with Reviews and Prices

My fixation-cum-obsession with organic skin and hair care, by now would have been known to every VNA reader. With growing awareness about what all nonsense goes into conventional skincare products my quest to find a few cent per cent organic skin care brands that too, Indian brands reinforced. So, today after a lot of trial and testing, I will bring to your notice, the 10 best Indian organic skincare brands you should buy. They are neither deceptive (which a lot many herbal brands in India are as they print only the active ingredients’ list) nor will cost you an arm and a leg. I’m also mentioning my favourite beauty products from each of these organic Indian brands along with my reviews and prices so you have all the information at one place.

Conventional skin and hair care products and I have a love-hate relationship. How? Ummm…We both love to hate each other. My tryst with organic skincare and hair care products has been stuff B-town rom-coms are made of. The leading couple (here, organic products and I) didn’t have a penchant for each other initially. Then, they (the protagonists) interact and how! Both up cursing each other to the hilt (read: organic Indian products underwhelmed me and I labelled them “duds”).

But destiny holds something else in store for them. The leading lady gets embroiled in a problem (read: I suffered from a bout of hair fall) from which there is little or no respite (yeah! How unconventional and progressive Bollywood) and cut to our hero who until now was an ordinary pesky nobody but all of a sudden transforms magically into a sturdy, robust beefcake with a frame so chiseled that the models of most Men’s healthcare magazines would be put to shame. He single-handedly extricates the leading lady from her woes and wins her over (read: my hair fall problem was allayed by use of some organic hair products).  The protagonists then, all of a sudden get transported to the verdant vistas of Switzerland (insert any expensive foreign country) and start dancing in the middle of nowhere. Oh! Wait, I should say- everywhere.

But that’s not what I did. I am admittedly melodramatic but that requires an altogether higher level of cheesiness. To cut the long story short, that is how, to a great extent, my love for Indian organic brands and skin and hair care products kindled. Without further ado, let’s begin with the must have organic products.

List of Top Ten Indian Organic Skincare Brands and Products:



What makes them different? This is a question they choose to answer themselves rather than let off casually and give us the opportunity to exclaim “And thereby hangs a tale” (Jeffrey Archer fans here?) According to them, they are here to tell a story and not just sell. Theirs is a story about women empowerment, being cruelty-free, ethical, plastic-free, sustainable, natural and organic. Is there seriously anything about this skincare brand that you cannot like? The tagline by which they go speaks volumes.

They are one of those rarest of the rare Indian beauty brands which have an organic certification to validate their tagline. Incepted in the year 1997 in the picturesque Auroville (Tamil Nadu) by Mr. Ganesh Chandrasekar, BON’s products are USDA Organic certified. Their skincare range comprises of organic shampoos, conditioners, gels, chocolates (Yes, you can salivate), oils (hair and body massage), lip balms and spa products. At a time when we load our eyelids with chemical-laden cosmetics, BON has established itself as a pioneer by launching a 100% organic range of eye shadows, brow fillers and kohl in varied shades. They ship all over India WITH NO delivery charges or minimum purchase requirement. Still wondering if that high-end chemical-laden piece of trash you are using in the name of a safe eyeliner fine? Your eyes deserve better. Invest wisely after reading the ingredients’ list.

Based on my experience with the organic brand so far, I find BON ORGANICS EYELINER MIDNIGHT the best pick. It is a 100% handmade organic product with zero parabens, sulphates and all such rubbish! PRICE- Rs 465/- for 10 g

AVAILABILITY- bonorganics.com



Helmed by the lovely Mrs. Lovina Agarwal from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Raw Rituals is like that new kid on the block who’s capable of giving all the big shots a run for the money. From luxurious body butters to gentle face masks, from face serums to handmade soaps, Raw Rituals’ will compel you to stop and take a second look. All their skincare products are free from preservatives. They do not add synthetic fragrances, just essential oils. Everything is done by hands such as- mixing, whipping, boiling, packaging, even filling the jars… Isn’t that impressive? They offer skin food free of adulteration.

Based on my experience, the Green Tea and Coffee infused under eye cream from the kitchen of Raw Rituals is what takes the cake for me. You’ll bid farewell to dark circles and that too naturally. No need to conceal it with any rubbish now. PRICE- Rs 300/- for 10 g

AVAILABILITY- rawrituals.com



‘All great things brew over a cup of piping hot tea’. That’s what I think and that’s exactly how idea of ORGANIC MILL too ignited. Sipping over a cup of hot tea one evening, Shreni’s sister recommended her to launch her own line of skin and hair care products in India. And that’s how Organic Mill was born. It is helmed by Ms. Shreni Kashyeb from Chennai. Organic Mill believes in adding only natural ingredients to their skincare products. Their range of organic products comprise of facial toners, masks, lip scrubs, makeup remover wipes, hair oils and cleansers. Shreni’s number is mentioned on the package of all her products for you to seek any clarification. The products are reasonably priced and you get a complimentary wee spoon for your purchase if you zero in on a mask.

In my opinion, Organic Mill Green tea, basil and rice flour cleanser is the best pick. It is gentle, soothing, nourishing and all-natural with an energising aroma. It is suitable for use by all skin types. And all that costs, PRICE- Rs 220/- per jar


Website- organicmill.in



‘Burst of Happyness’ Isn’t the name highly optimistic, energizing and zesty per se? If that’s the case with the name, how can the beauty products stay afar? Helmed by Mrs. Shreya Sharan Pawar from Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, BOH lives by the mantra ‘Less is More’. Don’t be taken aback if you see barely 4-5 ingredients flash on their ingredients list for it is complete. Their skincare range spans over body butters, deodorant creams (no sprays laced with alcohol), scrubs, cleansers and soaps. They ship all over India and you can place orders by visiting their official website.

The best organic product in my humble opinion is Burst of Happyness coffee salt scrub whose granules leave you with tangibly softer skin within a few washes. And the aroma will leave you satiating. PRICE- Rs 350/- for the 75 g

AVAILBILITY- burstofhappyness.in



When selfishness has become second nature to people, here comes a brand that is the textbook definition of selflessness. Ancient Ayurveda, whose registered HQ is in Bangaluru but manufactures in Kerala where underprivileged women are employed, takes its social responsibility to a new height. Associated with PRAJWALA- The world’s largest anto-trafficking shelter based out of Hyderabad, each beauty product of theirs bought gives hope to a sex-trafficked woman in India for a percentage is donated to this NGO. It is helmed by Lenin Rajendra Singh, a philanthropist by passion and founder-cum-owner of the brand Ancient Ayurveda by profession.

Ancient Ayurveda’s soaps are exactly what should lie on your shelves if you love your skin. Handmade, natural, minimal processing (assuring production in a sterile condition), reasonable price and oodles of nourishment with a tinge of satisfaction when you buy it, are packed diligently in the form of their soaps. Their soaps do NOT contain chemicals of ANY type.

My favourite product is Ancient Ayurveda INVIGORATING TAILPATRA WOODASH soap. It leaves your skin feely deeply hydrated without being weighed down/a greasy feeling. Expect a winsome glow with a few uses. It is apt for use by ALL skin types. PRICE- 476 INR for 100 g




Finally we have a brand from SAADDI D-I-L-L-I. Did you think that Delhiites are all about eating, dancing, drinking (you know what) and gushing over Virat Kohli? Well, we have OSHA naturals- an organic brand helmed by Dr. Mansi Thukral Chandra who holds a degree in natural skin care in India. Their range, although somewhat high-end, comprises of lavish body butters, face packs, toners, lip balms and much more. Guess what, they use the rarest of the rare natural ingredients that are food for our skin and hair. They believe in delivering quality products and do not flinch in sourcing materials from abroad to cater quality skincare products to their customers.

The best product from Osha Naturals in my experience is OSHA Naturals Body butter. It is rich, luxurious, with raw Shea butter sourced from Africa and no preservatives. Yep, ZERO Preservatives. PRICE- Rs 1000/- for 75 g

AVAILBILITY- oshanaturals.com



If you happen to be one of those for who disliked Chemistry, one look at the skincare range of JC (which by the way, is the most diverse I have come across till date) and you’ll drool. They put in their products what we put in our stomach- Food. Fruits, herbs and essential oils complete their composition. No artificial fragrance. I find their range of ‘gourmet soaps’ enticing and highly nourishing.

They churn soap bars as they contain ZERO preservatives. From all the soaps churned by them, Juicy Chemistry hazelnut and vanilla latte gourmet soap happens to be my all-time favourite skincare product. It resembles a bar of hot chocolate with coffee beans embedded in one of its sides. D-R-O-O-L-W-O-R-T-H-Y.  It is helmed by Mrs. Megha Asher and Mr. Pritesh Asher. PRICE- Rs 550/- for 100 g

AVAILABILITY- juicychemistry.com




Making an entry on our organic brands list now is the brand from “Namma Bangalore”- Aroma Essentials. Helmed by the lady with a decade long experience in the field of natural skin care, Mrs. Madhurima Ramakrishna, Aroma Essentials sells all over India and even in some foreign countries. Their USP? Besides selling indian products that are natural and crafted by an expert, the aroma of their products, and I mean ‘each and every product’ when I say this, is intoxicating. I remember the first time I opened a tub of their chocolate mint lip balm, I was so smitten by its aroma that I kept on sniffing it for 10 minutes straight.

The best product I would like to cherry-pick from their range would be Aroma Essentials Chocolate mint lip balm. PRICE- Rs 175/- for 10 g

AVAILABILITY- Message Aroma Essentials on Facebook on their official page.




Based out of Chennai, this new organic brand is making all the right waves. At the helm of affairs is the cool as a cucumber Mrs. Meher Farhana whose courtesy and coolness will blow you away. The range of Amara’s products encompass body scrubs, face scrubs, lip balms, hair cleansers and handmade soaps.

My favourite product is Amara Organix Lavender sugar scrub for it smells heavenly and exfoliates without ripping your skin off moisture. My skin feels lighter for all the muck, dirt, grunge and dust is removed leaving it squeaky clean. PRICE- Rs 75/- for 100 g

AVAILABILITY- Message Mehar on the Facebook page of Amara Ogranix to place orders.



Inarguably the organic brand with the best customer servicing I’ve experienced so far and equally reasonable prices, Anuhya is based out of Hyderabad and is helmed by Mr. R.S.S.S. Murali. They sell all over India. Their range of beauty products currently includes Sunnipindi (which is a herbal bath powder that has been used since times immemorial in India and is even being used in South till date), herbal face pack and herbal hair pack. They have a valid AYUSH license and GMP certification to back their claims.

The USP is that they are made up entirely of Ayurvedic powders, nuts and leaves. In their own words, not even 0.0001% of their ingredients are artificial/chemicals. Impressive, isn’t it? Since the day I treated my skin to their Sunnipindi, there is no looking back. It leaves your skin with a zing of energy and coolness after being rinsed. And the smoothness is unparalleled! I have used it for my face too and it leaves behind a winsome bride-like glow. In short, it is an ALL IN ONE product. PRICE- Rs 40 for 100 grams (bigger packs are also available)

AVAILABILITY- Snapdeal India

That’s all for now, folks. This list of my must have skincare products was IN NO ORDER and in no way, exhaustive. More deserving organic indian brands will find a mention soon in subsequent lists. Hope you benefited from having a sneak-peek into the list of brands that I proudly term “My kind of skincare brands”.

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Which is your favorite organic skincare brand? Share your reviews with us.

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  1. Never heard or read about these brands before…
    Amrutaa recently posted…WHAT I WORE FOR AN ENGAGEMENT FUNCTION – OOTDMy Profile

    • Well, they deserve every bit of appreciation, Amrutaa :)
      They are amazing brands who don’t add even 0.1% of any rubbish/preservatives/fillers in their products. I’m glad to bring them to your notice.
      Thanks for reading :D

  2. Great compilation 👍
    Have used three of these including Bon organic, aroma essentials n burst of happiness. Wud love to try others as well 😄

    • Thanks, Shilpa. I have read your blog and noted your reviews of BON Organics’ products. You can zero in on all of them without inhibitions. They are skin foods and won’t harm you in any way :)

  3. Great compilation! I’m always in lookout for organic skincare products and now it’s easy to find them :)
    Mariyam recently posted…Four Season Multi Vita Brightening Active Mask : ReviewMy Profile

    • Thanks, Mariyam. I read your reviews of Aroma Essentials’ products on the Midnight beauties. Madhurima weaves magic with her products. I loved the chocolate mint lip balm. Not only did iy last for 5 months but also the fragrance was intact.

  4. Not to mention Aroma Essentials has some fine and natural skincare products! :)
    Mariyam recently posted…Four Season Multi Vita Brightening Active Mask : ReviewMy Profile

  5. Love the article; very well researched. Recently I´ve been looking into more organic products and was having trouble finding more brands. So, thank you very much.

    Could you also do an article on Indian vegan makeup brands

  6. Love the article; very well researched. Recently I´ve been looking into more organic products and was having trouble finding more brands. So, thank you very much.

    Could you also do an article on Indian vegan makeup brands?

  7. Thank you so much for sharing such great organic brands here. I have never heard of these but I want to start using organic products. I will definitely check out these products.
    Perkymegs recently posted…4 Orange Lipsticks for Indian Skin under INR500 (Video)My Profile

    • Thanks, Megha :D I’m glad to have brought this to your notice. Use them uninhibitedly. They’d work wonders. They’ve have in my case.

    • It surely is, Madhav. I ordered a huge batch on Snapdeal after my first finished. It’s rightly an all-in-one product. Thank you for reading :)

  8. I feel these days every other brand is claiming to be organic. Somehow, I tend to have my doubts.
    Nice compilation because these lesser known brands seem to be affordable as well.
    Nivedita recently posted…Before and After Moroccan Oil Hair Smoothing Spa Treatment… smells and feels heavenly! ( Read till the end)My Profile

    • Hi, Nivedita. I understand your converns. In fact, I myself had those concerns when I used some brands that claimed to be pure/herbal,etc. Upon scratching the surface and talking to some people in this field, I realised that to be called “ORGANIC” a brand needs a valid certificate. Like the way BON organics has (a valid USDA organic certificate).

      There’s a difference between herbal, natural and organic. To be called an organic product/brand,one cannot simply say so. You have to back it up with a certifcate.

      Some of the brands mentioned in this list do not have a cerificate but since I have witnessed how and what they add to their products besides using them for months ,I’m assured that nothing nonsensical goes into them. In fact, all of them publish their complete list of ingredients on the paclage of the product. For instance, Anuhya sunnipindi clearly mentions ALL the ingredients on its package and the % of each which when added comes out to be 100%

      I hope your concerns are put to rest. If not, please drop as many questions as you like and I’ll have them clarified :)

      Thanks for reading!

  9. I have tried juicy chemistry products and they are really amazing. Need to try out others too :) thank you for the compilation.

    • That’s great to know, Anita. I tried their soaps and cleansers. All the products have worked well but the soap is simply unparalleled :) I hope you have a pleasant experience with others too. It puts one’s pockets to rest by knowing that all the above brands fit well into an average Indian’s budget :)

  10. I have tried Aroma Essentials and their Eye gel & scrubs are amazing.
    crazyforcosmetics recently posted…OOTD on a budget – Ft Forever 21 and H&MMy Profile

  11. I have tried Aroma Essentials and BOH. They are totally zero chemicals brands….You may also need to check Ma Earth Botanicals as they also are organic and chemical free and I have tried them. Next on my radar are Juicy Chemistry and Raw Rituals especially after reading your reviews on them Nidhal :) <3
    Sonali recently posted…SoapWorks India Chocolate Fudge – Cocoa Butter ReviewMy Profile

    • High-five, Sonali. BOH and Aroma Essentials are amazing. I’ve heard of Ma Earth Botanicals but I think they’re a little high end. They burn a hole in one’s pockets. So, that’s why, I cannot accord them the status of being a budget-friendly organic brand :)

      • Haha yeah that’s true a little pricey for the job they do :D. Anyways am buying Raw Rituals eye cream on your recommendation :)

        • Great! Just talk to Lovina (the owner of the brand Raw Rituals) once through FB messenger. She will guide you on how and how often to use the cream given the severity of your under eye circles :)

          There are some precautions that aren’t mentioned on the cream that need to be taken. Such as- always cleaning one’s hands when scooping out the cream and not letting even a drop of eater enter the container.

          Drop her a message once on Facebook and she’ll help you out. The cream can be purchased on Amazon India :)

          • Yes it’s already in my Amazon cart :D and yes being a tub packaging precautions are necessary… Sending you a DM on .

      • Totally love Clay-o-patra and what a girl wants cleanser :)
        Sonali recently posted…Ida Naturals small haulMy Profile

  12. Awesome compilation, Nidhal. It’s very useful and am bookmarking it right now. Also, what do you think about Khadi? Is it completely herbal?

    • Thank you, Archana :D
      I don’t find Khadi an organic brand. Barring their powders such as -Trifala powder, Amla powder, etc all their products entail the addition of chemicals. They might mention the composition as follows – ‘Each 100 grams contains xyz of this herb, xyz of another herb and so on’ but upon adding the % of herbs added works out to be very less.

      What I dislike is that many a time they mention only the key/active ingredients list which hides the real picture.

      Also, they market some of their products such as- shampoos, conditioners, etc. As “Paraben or sulphate free” products but that’s not it. There are many chemicals besides parabens and sulphates that need to be eliniated from our skin/hair care products.

      Those mentioned here are completely organic :) You can try all uninhibitely. They don’t add even 1% of any rubbish. Even the fragrance is by the virtue of essential oils and not anything artificial (of the products mentioned in this list)

      I hope this helps. If still you’ve anything to discuss, drop as many comments as you wish, Archana :D

      • Thanks for clarifying, Nidhal. I tried one of Khadi shampoos after reading many good reviews. But I didn’t like it much. Also, I like Plum Goodness products. Have you tried any of them? They are completely transparent about their ingredients list. They have for each product “What’s in” and “What’s out”. Only thing they add SLES (not SLS) in their face washes. But they were transparent about that as well and wrote a blog post about it…

        • I’ve not tried Plum Goodness, Archana. In fact, I’m learning of the existence of this brand for the very first time from you. Thanks :)
          I’ll come up with a part two of this list in a few weeks. My agenda is to bring limelight to the brands that are cent per cent organic and don’t add even 0.01% of any filler :)

  13. I’m so into organic brands these day, would love to try the ones I didn’t know existed :D
    Arzoo recently posted…HIRING NOW!My Profile

    • High-five, Arzoo. Organic products have always been my favorite. In fact, my beauty closet is filled with herbal powders, butters and packs :)

  14. nice post dear, I love organic products but still have to try most of them. This compilation will surely help in that :)
    nausheen recently posted…Soultree Aloe and Rose Water Cleanser ReviewMy Profile

    • Thanks, Nausheen. Not only will these work wonders but also be easy on your pockets. I am delighted that you liked it. Much love!

  15. thank you for this, i tried the ancient brand soap and its something i have never ever used before, the smell is very pleasant green unheard of and i could have not known about it without you!!

    • Thanks a lot, Manjusha. I think you are referring to their gotukola soap. These days, a lot manu soaps are marketed as handmade soaps. They clearly aren’t organic. Ancient Ayurveda’s soaps are the purest of all soaps I’ve tried so far.
      They clearly mention what all is and isn’t in their soaps and I’m glad that the number of chemicals shown “not added/does not include” is way higher in Ancient Ayurveda’s soaps than others 😊

      Let me know how it fared for you once the entire bar finishes 😄 Thanks for reading!

      • no not the gotukola one, instead i went for the ancient soap tailapatra, i got it for 278 ruppes for 2 pops! about to place order for gotokola now, they have quite a few varieties, and will explore one by one in the coming days. what about some other products from them?

        • Hi, Manjusha. I know they’ve quite a limited range right now, but they are slowly expanding. I talked to the owner of the brand and he told me that they’re going to introduce mamy variants in the coming days.
          I’m really interested in the kashmiri kesar and goat milk one. I’ve heard that its softening ability is the best and my skin is also dry, so as soon as I’m done with the Tailapatra one, the Kesar+goat milk one will be in my cart 😁

          Let me know in detail once you’re done with the Tailaptra one on how it afred for you 😀

  16. Got the ancient ayurveda soap promptly,received earlier than I thought. It’s wrapped elegantly for yourself kinda like a wrapped gift. i started using it, It feels very smooth with just the right amount of pleasant earthy fragrance! the list goes on and on in their tiny leaflet. Perfect for people with allergy its a wood ash soap i have used such soaps while i was in africa, there they make it with cocoa butter, quite happy to find such a product here in india. I love this stuff. Was a great treat to use after a weekend bivouac. cudos to their ancient product lines! and you just saved my skin.

    • Haha, thanks for the lovely comment, Tiffany 😄 I’ve used the Tailapatra one and it’s amazing. It’s tough to get raw unrefined cocoa or Shea butter in India. The real one’s sourced from Ghana, Africa.
      I’m glad Ancient Ayurveda has brought us the same at pocket friendly prices. I understand that 300-400 INR for a 100 gram soaps sounds too high but think for a minute. Its instruction leaflet is filled with the list of chemicals it does NOT contain. How impressive is that!
      So, for the sake of pampering one’s skin with authentic products, one should let go off the price for a minute and add it one’s cart blindly 😀
      I’m yet to try the other ones. They’re launching a VCO bar this very month so for now, that’s on my radar 😁

  17. ok so because of your post i went ahead and bought the soap, ancient soap Kashmir saffrons and goatsmilk to be precise i still cant figure out how they make it and the each long names they have is difficult to memories ancient soap this ancient soap that it literally slips from hand and is soo soft on skin its like a small snow-globe, i bought the triple pack for 389 with discounts , melts very fast one soap is reserved only for my face, unlike other ayurvedic products that i have used, this one has something special in it . you really cant blame this awesome ancient guys for the melting factor, my hubby says the anti-sex trafficking work they do is beyond words and is extremely risky, i hope this company stays on, The blog is bookmarked!

    • Hi, Lakshmi. Thanks for reading. I think a better idea would be to cut each into 3-4 parts. Since it is soft esp in summers, I cut it into 4 pieces (each soap) and then store each soap in the fridge. When I decide to have a bath, I take one piece with me. That makes it last slightly longer 😊

      If you’ve any other idea to store it in order to prolong its life, please let me know.

    • Thanks, Vithika 😊 All these brands sell over India. In fact, the hassle of shopping is greatly reduced because they all sell through ecommerce platforms with some selling through their own sites to in addition to famed online shopping sites 😁

  18. Thank you for mention Burst of Happyess, Nidhal!
    It’s great to see this revolution for naturalism in India and kudos to you for promoting it.

  19. im a college students who has just been mesmerized by the soap which you have mentioned in your blog, i personally have a very dry skin this ancient ayurvedic soap has saved my skin. the shebutter soap is exactly like what you see inside a snowglobe there are millions of tiny leafy particles of all sorts. the form is soo soft and yes i keep em in a jar. but i see soo many varieties in their website but only a few are available here. thanks for the post one again.

    • Hey Dalvi, thank you for your kind words. There are just a few variants of Ancient Ayurveda’s soaps available on Amazon India as of now. They are expanding and launching more with time. The latest launch I know is their VCO soap.

      I too, have dry skin and have used the Tailpatra woodash one. It works wonders. I think you should opt for the Kashmiri Kesar+ Goat’s milk one (red package) next.

      I’ll get in touch with Team Ancient Ayurveda and let you know which one will be soon on Amazon 😊 Thanks again for reading!


    We are soon going to launch a Monthly subscription Beauty and wellness box. The reason i am posting here is that we need help about the organic brands available in India, since our Box is based on the ethics of being organic and cruelty free. when i search international, i get a huge list of brands, but when coming on India there are very limited options available, so i just wanted to know is this the reality or i am not able to search the correct brands .?

    • Hi Nitika

      You can stay assured about these ten brands here. They are cent per cent organic. Not even 0.1% of their products’ composition contains anything harmful 😊 You can get in touch with each of these brands’ owners and ask for their certification/list of ingredients. They’d furnish all the information to you 😄

      Thanks for reading!

    • Nice Information by Nidhal Sinha.

      Nikita, You can add Omved Pure Natural Living brand in your list.
      I am a regular user of Omved products they are 100% natural and chemical free with vegan, cruelty free, safe cosmetics etc. certified.
      Check the ingredients used in their products on their website @ omved.com . Hope this works for you.

  21. BIO ORGANIC AND NATURAL (BON ORGANICS) and Juicy Chemistry hazelnut and vanilla latte gourmet soap are my favourites of the lot! thanks for the post its great!
    chhavi sharma recently posted…10 times Obama proved he’s the coolest presidentMy Profile

    • That soap is in a league of its own, Chavi. I don’t know how they managed to craft it but it’s simply addictive. One’s entire body smells as if they have taken a bath in a pool of coffee 😍
      And BON organics rightly commands the following it has. They have recently acquired a CGMP (current good manufacturing practices) certificate too.

  22. Thanks for the great compilation ……….

    What do you think about RUSTIC ART, LA FLORA ORGANICS, KRYA and MITTI SE ?

    Will be trying out Anuhya Sunni pindi. THANKS for suggesting it .

    Can you come up with a compilation of best Toothcare / Gum care Organic / Natural Powders ….

    • Hi Roy, I’m pretty sure that La Flora Organics and Krya are organic too. I have had a brief discussion with their respective brand owners and was told what all was added in their products. I don’t know about Mitti Se and Rustic Art. I have never tried any of their products, so I can’t comment.

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment 😊 You’ll not regret your purchase of Anuhya Sunni Pindi for sure. That’s something I can vouch for!

      And for that organic gum/tooth paste powder article, I’ll try to come up with one soon. As of now, I know only two brands but let’s hope that I can fetter out more to present a comprehensive one-stop post for you! 😄

  23. Hi!! Thank you for this. My daughter is thirteen and am looking for good moisterurizers and face wash for her. Could you recommend something ?

    • Hello, Sudha. You can opt for Bon Organics’ moisturisers and Aroma Essentials’ face washes (they are also customizable). So, based on your daughter’s skin type, condition and age, Madhurima shall suggest you which variant to give a shot to.
      Also, they are transparent about the composition of their products. So, if you’d like to know what all is added, you can ask her out 😄 To get in touch with the respective brands, please see the “availability” part of them in the post above. Madhurima is very active on Facebook, so just drop a message to her on it and she’ll get back to you.
      Thanks for reading!

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  27. Hi Nidhal thank you so much for this post. Didn’t know about these brands and I sure am going to try out few of these. It would be lovely if you do a post on organic hair care brands too. Thanks again for this, I’ve book marked this

  28. Hi Nidhal,
    Hope you are doing good. Sorry but most of the brands you mentioned are not organic but natural . They are no doubt some of the best natural brands in India but they are not organic. I have been blogging about wellness and health for over a year and a half now and would love to hear your views on the same. I have also been discussing about the difference between herbal, natural and organic skin care ranges on and off . You can visit my posts on beautysprinkles.Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.

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    3. how about the Just Herbs Brand??

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    Dr Amol.

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    I would like to add one more brand here;

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