10 Best Home Remedies to Cure Premature Grey Hair

10 best home remedies to cure premature grey hair

How to Cure Premature Hair Greying with Home Remedies

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Hair greying is one thing that happens to all with the normal process of ageing. But when your hair greys out prematurely then you might look more aged than your actual years which obviously you would not want. Most beauty conscious people of the world dread premature greying of the hair because they feel that it could curb the glow and sheen of their youthful presence. When your hair starts greying, instead of feeling embarrassed or panicking, you should first try to discover the root cause of this. That’ll help you to find the proper home remedies and arrest the problem before it’s too late.

The major causes of early hair greying could be:

  • Heredity
  • Malnutrition
  • Use of Harsh Chemical Hair Cosmetics
  • Opting for too much of styling treatments
  • Too much of tension, worry or shock
  • Smoking

The above factors influence the production of pigment Melanin which actually gives the black color to your hair. If less Melanin pigment is produced in the follicle of your hair, it starts to grey easily. Apart from consulting a specialist, you could try out some truly effective Home Remedies to cure the problem of Grey Hair. Read on to learn more

1. Amla or Indian Goose Berry:

It has all the essential vitamins and minerals to nourish your hair follicles. Smash the Indian Goose berries, take the seeds out and make a thorough paste out of it. Apply the paste generously on to your scalp and massage it on to your hair roots gently. This is will effectively reverse the hair problem.

2. Castor Oil for Hair Colour:

Using a Hair pack of Castor Oil, Henna and lemon juice twice a week can also check the graying of hair. Mix 2 tbsp Henna powder, 2tbsp Castor oil and 2 tbsp lemon juice to make a frothy creamy hair pack. Apply it on scalp and hair and keep for an hour before shampooing off with a herbal shampoo.

3. Coconut Oil and Lemon Juice

Mix 2 parts of coconut oil and 1 part lemon juice. Massage the mix thoroughly on to your scalp and hair. This is quite an effective home remedy for the colour issue

4. Curry Leaves for Grey Hair:

Boil a bunch of curry leaves in 1 cup coconut oil. Once it starts simmering, turn off the heat and let it cool. Then strain the oil and massage it thoroughly on scalp and hair roots. Do it daily and you will definitely be able to control the problem.

5. Black Tea as a home remedy:

Massaging scalp and hair roots with the liquor of salted milk-less black tea too is an effective home remedy to cure it.

6. Ashwagandha Paste for Early Graying:

Indian Ginseng or Ashwagandha is very effective in controlling it. You can apply on your scalp a paste of Ashwagandha and keep it for an hour before rinsing off. This remedy is excellent for boosting the melanin content in the follicles of your hair.

7. Sesame Seeds:

Consuming 1 or ½ tsp sesame seeds (black) daily application of the sesame oil to your hair follicles and roots daily will also check the colour change in your hair. This is also one useful home remedy to cure it.

8. Olive Oil and Black Seed Oil for the root Problem:

Mingle equal parts of olive oil and black seed oil to make a healthy resisting massage mix for your hair follicles. Massage the oily mixture on to your scalp and hair roots daily and you will definitely be able to control the issue.

9. Black strap molasses for Dark Hair:

If you really want to stop the problem, you should take at least 1 tsp of the copper-rich Black strap molasses each morning. It tremendously boosts melanin production in the follicles of your hair and resultantly darkens your hair within 2-3 months.

10. Onion Juice on Scalp:

Recent research has unfolded the fact that this premature hair issue is triggered by one major issue; i.e. poor production of Catalase, a Natural and vital antioxidant within your hair follicle. This problem can be addressed by massaging onion juice to your scalp generously. Keep it for half an hour and then rinse off

So with these home remedies you can check your grey hair problem to some extent. Let us know if you have any good oils or kitchen remedies to fight the issue.

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