10 Best Hair Sprays Available in India: Strong Hold and Styling

10 best hair sprays available in india

10 Best Hair Sprays Available in India

By Contributor: Ruchi

After spending so much time in styling your hair, you need to get hold of them. It’s very important to use a hairspray to keep your hair style in place without budging. We often do our hair in the best way possible but by the time we reach the venue they are a big mess. I know happens with everyone. For me a top hair spray is one which hold your hair, protects your hair, doesn’t add any greasy residue and adds some shine. So I’m listing reviews of some of the best hair sprays available in India along with their prices. Always spray on your hair from a few inches away for the maximum effect. Here are 10 best hairsprays in India:

1. TIGI Free Ur Mind Firm Hold Hairspray

best hair spray in india

It does not contain harmful chemicals instead it has organic ingredients and plant proteins that lock your hair so that you will be free from worrying about your hairstyle. It contains geranium that helps regulate sebum, and aloe vera which act as healing agent. Do to try this amazing hair spray. Price: Rs. 743

2. Schwarzkopf Osis+ Sparkler Shine Spray

best hair spray in india

Not all hairsprays harden hair which are difficult to comb, this hairspray not only gives instant shine to hairstyle, but also makes the comb easy to run in your locks while giving UV protection. It detangles and conditions hair. This is a bit hard to find in the market, but you can easily find this online. Price: Rs.900

3. TIGI Masterpiece Shine Hairspray

best hair spray in india

Another good one from TIGI, gives massive shine and serious hold all day long, so spray on your hairstyle and stop worrying about your hairstyle. This hairspray protects hairs against dryness, and is humidity resistant while adding body to hair. Price: Rs. 1065

4. Toni & Guy Moisturizing Shine Spray Hair styler

best hair spray in india

It’s perfect for dry hair as this spray moisturizes hair and  gives weightless shine and long lasting smoothness. This also helps smooth the locks without any greasy residue, so that hair won’t attract dirt. Price: Rs.750

5. Enliven Pro- Vit Ultimate Hold Hair Spray

best hair spray in india

This is best hairspray if you are looking for an affordable spray, it ensures that your hairstyle gets a good hold and stays for longer. You can use it  for soft waves, curls or to keep your poker straight hair. It also contains creatin to revitalize cellular energy. Price: Rs.225

6. Rusk Being Sexy Hairspray

best hair spray in india

It provides extra strong, touchable, supple support with shine and texture to the hair. Suitable  for all hair types. Spray it  in any style with volume, extra firm hold and control. Price: Rs. 875

7. Oriflame HairX Styling Ultimate Style Hairspray

best hair spray in india

I am using this currently and loving it. It keeps my hairstyle in place for long hours. This spray claims to provide strength and long lasting non sticky hold to hairstyle and gives 12 hour hold, without residue, for healthy looking hair. Price: Rs. 398

8. Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray Hair Styler

best hair spray in india

If you dont like shine in your hairstyle and want a matte look, try this. This gives a matte finish and adds texture and volume to hair. It is suitable for all hair types. It has sea salt which adds volume in between layers and hair strands. Toni & Guy promises with a light, and non messy hold. Price: Rs. 900

9. Label.M Shine Spray Hair Styler

best hair spray in india

This is one of the best hair sprays around, it keeps hairstyle in place and adds shine and suitable for all hair types. Price: Rs. 1075

10. Tresemme Freeze hold Hairspray

best hair spray in india

This is also one of the best hairspray available. It gives a great hold to hair without leaving any residue. It is lightly scented which is pleasing to the nose. It also neutralizes the ph balance in hair. Price: Rs.250

So this is my list. Did I miss out on anything?

Which is the best hair spray in India according to you? Share your views with us.


  1. Great post, will try some of these.
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  2. I have dense curls and my hair become oily seconds after i start using the straightening machine..is there anything that can help me against it ?

  3. Enliven is in my list !:)
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  4. A huge thank you for sharing this post ! I really wanted a good setting spray …. Toni & Guy hair spray is next in my list !
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  5. I’ve used oriflame one.. But I think uv missed lo real one.. That’s pretty strong too.
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  6. That mustve been one hard compilation as there is barely any variety in hairsprays available in India. Superb post which is extremely helpful!

  7. This is a nice post! I have used Tresseme Hair sprays before and have been really impressed. My sister used to get those from UK. Where in India can I find it?
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      • can you please tell me from where i can get “Tresemme Freeze hold Hairspray” in India. Any online Indian site link or any selected mart name. Please help immediately.

  8. I love the Schwarzkopf Osis+ Sparkler Shine Spray
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  9. Lovely !
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  10. Hi, I am a first time user on hair sprays. I am making my own hairstyle for a special occasion. I want the hair to stay in the same style all day without turning stiff.
    Are these sprays used during the styling or the end of styling>
    Please help.

  11. Hi! Whenever I fix myself a high and tight ponytail there are these baby hair that keep coming out in every direction they possibly could. They give me hard time and I’ve started wearing less ponytails because of it.
    Which spray of all would you suggest me that could be used on a daily basis?

  12. Hi.. I have v. thin soft hair with an oily scalp. Which hair spray will suit my hair type without making them look more thinner and sticky. I want to use it for curling my hair. My hair gets really oily the next day of using shampoo. And I dont want my hair to become stiff or hard with its use. Pls help!

  13. Hey there…I also want to use hair spray…
    I’v nvr use such kind of sprays ,currently Im using setwet styling gel to styleup my hairs…but it dsnt last for long
    so can u suggest me some sprays for style… & one more thing, is there any sideeffcts of hairsprays

  14. I am confused so cn u hlp me to find dh best hair spray for me..
    Purpose for perfect hair straightening &
    Curls so which one is better? ?

  15. I have straight silky hairs….how can i change it into curly shape…plz help..
    Can u suggest best hard gel ot spray

  16. hey i have small and curly hair towards the forehead whenever I tie up my hair the pop up i want them to settle whenever I make a bun..can you suggest me any hairspray that is mid and effective as im a first user.

  17. All the prices mentioned here are so different from what’s available online could you also tell us the place where you got these prices from so we could buy the products

  18. thank you so much.. it really helped! m gonna buy tony n guys’ glamour one for hair fixing! thanks a ton!! 😘😘😘😘

  19. What about the L’Oréal Elnett? Except for that (omg) odour, I would give it a 5/5! Not sure about the availability here though

  20. Hi Ruchi. Where do buy that tresemme freeze hold spray in Mumbai. Any help would be c appreciated. Thanks

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  22. Im using and recommend AYURACE Herbal Hair Care Spray which is an amazing blend of 23 unique and divine herbs. This helps stop hair fall, improve the overall health of your hair and calm your head and scalp, strengthen hair and promote hair growth. It also supports you with mind-relaxation and sound sleep. It’s non-sticky effect helps improve hair growth, soothes dry hair, and is rightly proven to help remove dandruff. It’s not expensive, and a little goes a long way and it really holds with a natural look so you don’t find yourself touching up. And it really brings out the natural waves in your hair. It costs Rs 699/- only; Does any one need it please whatsapp at +917200355446

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