10 Best Body Exfoliating Scrubs in India

 best body scrubs available in india reviews

Best Body Scrubs Available in India – 10 Favourites

By Contributor: Shilpa Madan

Since the Top 10 posts are super popular at VNA, we are now testing and trying out a lot of new stuff to bring you the Top 10 (in our opinion) in several other categories. While Anshita is the next Temptalia (read Makeup), I’ll try to leverage my obsession for skin care to get you some interesting, experienced and researched info. This post talks about one of my favorite skin care routines, body exfoliation. We’ll talk about face scrubs and exfoliators in India in a separate post. I’ve used 9 out of 10 recommendations below so the information is not coming out of thin air (read the internet!)

Do note that while these are the best in our opinion, this is not a ranking. Different body scrubs in this list serve different purposes mild / strong exfoliation, for dry/oily skin, budget/premium etc. So read on to find something that may suit your unique needs. This list gives mini reviews and price on the Best Body Scrubs Available in India.

best body scrub in india

1. The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Africa Ximenia Salt Scrub:

I’ve been using this for the last 2 years and I absolutely love it. Not surprised when I saw that this is one of the most awarded Body Shop products. Its definitely one of the lesser known gems in the Body Shop collection, part of their expert Spa Wisdom™ range. It’s a super luxurious, indulgent, pampering, very fine-particledscrub that provides great exfoliation. Best for someone who likes to exfoliate regularly and not once in a while. I am addicted to both the texture and the comforting, homely fragrance! Best suited for people with normal/combi-dry skin, leaves skin nurtured but not oily or anything like that. Price: Rs.1995 from TBS website.

best body scrub reviews india

2. Lush Ocean Salt Scrub:

My cult favorite! Though I’ve included this here, this thing is quite pricey that I only mostly use it as a face, neck and décolletage scrub. God sent for a warm, humid climate! Not recommended for dry skin. Follow the link for the detailed review.

best body scrub in india

3. The Body Shop Body Polishes:

My better half loves these! They are for daily use, super mild exfoliating body polishes for those who cant bother with a special ritual of scrubbing. These awesomely fragranced, beautiful looking tubes do a good job everyday. Regular use removes dead skin cells and leaves the skin feeling happily moisturized. I believe its suitable for all skin types. Its available in a wide variety of fragrances, we recently bought the New Festive Limited Edition Vanilla Bliss Body Polish and I keep sniffing at the gourmand, cozy vanilla scent! Price: INR 595 from TBS website.

best body scrub in india

4. St Ives Exfoliating Apricot Body Scrub:

The best budget scrub ever! Thick, grainy (not gritty) texture that provides super thorough scrubbing of dead skin cells to reveal radiant, supple skin. It is also oil free and made with all natural exfoliants. Given the size, the price-quality-quantity trio is excellent value for money!The packaging is that of a tub, which can be a bit unhygienic if not used with care. The availability in India is an issue but for those living in big towns, this is carried by most shopkeepers who keep imported stuff.

best body scrub in india

5. Soap and Glory Flake Away:

I’ve tried both Sugar Scrub and Flake Away from S&G and this is the better of the two, in my humble opinion. It is a hard working scrub for elbows, knees and so on and the big score up on Sugar Scrub is the S&G Original Pink scent in this one. Its not greasy either like Sugar Scrub so will suit all skin types (does tend to get used up rather fast though!)

best body scrub in india

 6. Soap and Glory The Scrub of Your Life:

God sent for those who prefer good exfoliation but with refreshing, delicate foam and lather. Transparent with exfoliating beads, it is actually an awesome body polish. Smells great and works as a 2-in-1, cleanser and scrub. Highly recommended! Not greasy so again should work on most skin types.

best body scrub in india

7. The Body Shop Mango Body Scrub:

Fine, exfoliating grains, enriched with salt grains and organic sugar and smells yummy (of mango, what else) to boot. Found a bit too over-oily for my combination skin, hence recommended for people with chronic dry skin. Does soften and smoothen skin post use. Very fine texture so mild but thorough exfoliation. Price: INR 995

best body scrub in india

8. Forest Essentials Body Polisher Sandalwood and Turmeric:

This is the only one in this long list of scrubs that I haven’t used! And I cant wait to get my hands on them. I understand they may feel a bit pricey at INR 1975, but good things don’t come cheap! And the packaging fanatic in me loves that ornate, old world jar (even though not so hygienic for the scrub)!They are sumptuous, luxurious, made from age old Ayurvedic ingredients and methods and promise to gently slough away dead skin cells and leave the skin soft and smooth. Also infused with cold pressed almond oil that can improve skin elasticity! Price: INR 1975 from their website.

best body exfoliator in india

 9. Clinique Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating Cream:

Expensive, but its Clinique afterall and who can resist a name like Sparkle Skin! Not me, for sure. It is super refreshing, has a lovely delicate smell and gives that tingly sensation (minty-menthol-y) on the skin when applied. Again, great for stubborn areas like knees and elbows and a little goes a long way. Also helps even out skin tone with regular, consistent use. Worthy of a splurge!

best body scrub in india

10. Bath and Body Products Cashmere Glow Sugar Scrub:

Yes I cheated a bit! This list was supposed to be of products available in India – but my love for BBW has no boundaries! Considering their shower gels and mists are already available online in India, scrubs can’t be far behind. So they have the sugar scrubs available in a all their signature scents, choose whatever that catches your fancy. The scrub has small and medium sized particles and does a thorough job of the exfoliation. Love the fragrance of Cashmere Glow, all warm and fuzzy and so apt for winters!

Hope you enjoyed! Do let us know if you would like a detailed review of any of these! Which are your 10 best body exfoliating scrubs in India?


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    I have the TBS Spa Africa Salt Scrub and love it..superb compilation !! BMing it :)
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  3. Greta post! Flake away is the best with gorgeous scent
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  4. I ove the TBS Body Polishes! I need to try out the St Ives body scrub (Love their regular face scrubs so much!) but I haven’t seen it anywhere :(
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  5. I love the salt scrub from lush and from soap and glory, the breakfast scrub!
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  7. One body scrub,available in india..and much much economic than all the above mentioned bodyscrubs..yet amazingly sheds off all the dead cells n makes your skin feel like never before!…it is Oriflame’s Milk & Honey gold sugar scrub…costs around 449rs for a generous 300ml..which lasts me a whole year,i exfoliate 1-2 times per week…shilpa do try it and then im sure you’l include it in your top 10 bodyscrub list! ^_^

  8. What a fabulous compilation! I’ve literally gotten obsessed with skincare and have hoarding body scrubs. Loved loved looooves flake away and scrub of your life the most! Using TBS ximenia scrub these days b omg it is heavenly! No wonder it is always the top rated scrub in most of the lists! Its like a spa at home!

    • Thanks Lisha! Super glad to know we share the same obsession with skincare :) Also that you concur with my favorites :)

  9. Shilpa so well written and I guess you have included everyone’s fav products! and makeup guru..haha thank u soo much!!

  10. I like lush n body shop ones..
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  11. Is the St Ives Exfoliating Apricot Body Scrub available in India?
    This is a nice compilation. Of the lot I’ve just tried one TBS body scrub.
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  12. I am using St Ives Apricot exo. body wash.
    I must say I m in love with d fruity smell!! <3
    Its d best. D smell stays on for at least 2 Hrs, Provided u dnt any lotion or deo. Also vry less quantity is required.

    • please ladies am a bit confused,I don’t know if it is advice able to st lves body scrub with another cream or any other body or facial scrub with a different body lotion.l need ur help,thanks all….